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Georgia Moving Companies

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Looking to make your way to a state that combines the advantages of a highly diverse and thriving economy with the warm, sunny climate that the prime states of the American south are envied for? northAmerican can help you make your way to Georgia in style!

Searching for a hot spot of opportunity and cultural enjoyment in the heart of America's south? You most likely have located your new home. The state of Georgia came in at the tail end of the original thirteen colonies which made up the beginnings of America's colonial (and eventual constitutional) history, serving as something of an outlier due to its southern location and unique early economy. Georgia features a considerable land area that accounts for much of the overall southern region, with its historical role as an agricultural power house both earning it the nickname of the Peach State, and continuing to play a key role in the state's modern economy today.

The depths of moving to the beautiful southern state don't just stop with its prime location and level of opportunity, either. Georgia features an interesting history preceding its colonization, with cultures preceding its settlement that built large geological mounds, which have subsisted into modern Georgia's terrain, and become part of both its cultural identity, serving as an eye catching feature for tourists and travelers and a key conversation starter for residents of the state looking to warm up to confused newcomers. Beyond this ancient sociological anomaly, settlement took hold largely by British migrants in the early 18th century. During the time after these settlements took hold (and Georgia had become a somewhat longstanding province), Georgia contributed to the thirteen colonies which signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, while signing its own state constitution just months later in early 1777.

If you're migrating somewhere known for its comfort, you can't do much better—Georgia enjoys a subtropical climate similar in temperature throughout the year to its neighboring state of Florida, whose warm and sunny days are often envied by those who wish to make their way there—it is somewhat ironic that Georgia, being in the same proximity, features these same temps, while simply being less popularized by its prime physical location –Georgia is almost the underdog state among those with the best temperatures to offer.

You won't be lonely once you touch down—Georgia features one of the largest populations throughout all of the United States, with the total number of its citizens far exceeding ten million in its most recent estimates-- it is ranked 8th overall in population count for the United States, and enjoys a considerably well off economy throughout its state borders, allowing for its citizens to, on average, enjoy a quality of life that can be argued as being slightly above the national average one would conventionally expect. Worth noting is that Atlanta is both the state capital of Georgia, and its most populous city—the Atlanta metropolitan area accounts for a great deal of Georgia's total population, and as such features a very high deal of economic diversity as well.

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