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Located just a short drive from the Atlantic, Hinesville, Ga., is home to Fort Stewart and more than 33,000 residents. With quick access to the ocean, a number of Georgia's beautiful wildlife refuge's and just a stone's throw from Savannah, Hinesville is a beautiful retreat in the South.

Founded as a plantation town, Hinesville quickly grew prosperous, but managed to stay beneath the radar until then President Franklin D. Roosevelt established the nearby Fort Stewart. Since then the city flourished and was incorporated in 1916.

Hinesville boasts a lower than average cost of living, beautiful countryside and the nearby attractions of the Atlantic and Savannah to provide everything residents could want in this Georgian gem.

Attractions and activities in Hinesville

With much of city life centered around Fort Stewart, Hinesville is still an exciting place to live. As the seat of Liberty County, the city is the gateway to the many historic sites, parks, refuge's and more. Additionally, Liberty County is considered to be the hub of African-American history in the United States.

Among the many historic sites throughout the area is the Fort Morris State Historic Site, where visitors can view period War reenactments, as well as relics from Georgia's past from colonial times through the Revolutionary War, as well as the fort's history as a Civil War encampment.

In addition to the military history, Hinesville and Liberty are home to Seabrook Village, a living-history museum with eight turn-of-the-century houses on a 104 acre plot. The village was a center of African-American history, and visitors can learn about how freedmen settled the area and prospered against adversity from 1865 until 1930.

Moving to Hinesville

Of course, the only way to take in everything Hinesville has to offer is to live there. Moving to the quaint city has never been easier with the help of a Hinesville moving company. North American Van Lines, with more than 500 agents across North America and 2,700 drivers throughout the country, can simplify your move and get you help make any journey to Georgia smooth sailings.

Hinesville is located just off Interstate 95 along state Route 84, and is serviced by the Liberty County Airport for regional air traffic.

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