International Moving Costs

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Moving to a new country is an exciting adventure. Finding a home, exploring different cultures and making new friends are all experiences you get to look forward to. To get the most out of your new journey, it’s essential to prepare for international moving costs, as they can be pricey. Whether you're traveling by plane, train or car, there may be some unexpected fees you didn’t account for. To ensure your international move doesn't break the bank, you'll want to plan accordingly. 

Here's everything you need to know about international moving rates before moving abroad.

Key International Moving Services

Every country is different and comes with its unique challenges. When planning an international move, you'll need a budget for the additional fees and moving services associated with your relocation.

Some expected costs you should prepare for include:

  • Cost of shipping containers
  • Protective padding
  • Auto shipping
  • Visas and processing fees
  • Custom duties

Most individuals planning an international move can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $5,000 in additional moving costs. So, it pays to plan accordingly or to consider working with an international moving company that understands the complexities of a move this size.

Understanding International Moving Costs

Before packing your bags and waving goodbye to your hometown, take some time to plan and prepare for the journey ahead.

Here's what you'll need to consider:

Shipping Home Items Internationally

If you can't pack your entire life into a few suitcases you can take on a plane, don’t worry — you have some options. First, you'll want to know what international shipping solutions are available. Keep in mind moving overseas shipping costs, including the price of shipping containers and protective padding, and finding a company you trust to ship your items to your new home safely.

Most shipping companies will charge by the pound, so downsizing before the big move can help save on international moving costs. 

Go through your items and determine what you can donate, recycle or throw away. If your relocation is temporary, review the cost of storage units in your local community. At North American Van Lines, we offer short- and long-term storage solutions in major cities across the United States and Canada. We're here to help you find a safe place to store your belongings while you plan for your international move.

Auto Shipping Internationally

Planning to bring furniture, appliances or a vehicle? Any items that require custom crating or international overseas shipping can be costly. The fees can be anywhere from $100 to $4,000, depending on the weight of your items and how challenging it is to get them overseas. Your items may also be subject to international charges and taxes.

If you're shipping high-cost items, you may also want to look into getting a valuation or work with an international moving company that can help you pack and prepare your items for shipment. Using durable materials will keep your items safe and reduce the risk of breaking in transit. The international moving cost will vary depending on who you work with, but you may save more time and money in the long run.

Customs Duty

Navigating customs presents its own challenges. When moving abroad, it's important to remember that every country has different regulations. Many countries will allow you to transport personal goods duty-free. However, in some countries, you may be subject to a 1.8% charge of the purchase value.

While planning for your relocation, you'll want to consider this international moving cost in your budget, especially if you plan to transport your car or any other expensive items.

International Storage

Look into your storage options. Depending on your particular situation, the house you're moving into may not be move-in ready before your arrival. This means you may also need to look into international storage as a temporary solution for a short or long period of time./p>

Visa Costs and Fees

Depending on the country, visa fees may vary from $100 to $3,000. There are various processing fees required before making the move. For example, if you're moving from Canada to the United States, you'll have to pay an Immigrant Visa Application Processing Fee and Affidavit of Support Fee. Both fees are required before receiving a welcome letter or residency status.

It's recommended to look into visa policies and processing fees, making sure you budget accordingly. You'll also want to know what visa type you need to apply for. A work visa is the most common. In countries like Columbia and Australia, the cost can be anywhere from $200-$300. Meanwhile, Israel and Switzerland cost less than $100 to obtain.

International Relocation Costs

The international relocation cost will vary depending on where you're moving and what you're bringing. If you're planning an international move, we recommend starting at least six to nine months ahead to ensure you have enough time and money to cover the expenses of the international move.

If you aren't sure what is needed for your international move, we recommend working with a moving company like North American Van Lines.

At northAmerican, we understand the complexities and challenges of international moves. We have hands-on experience helping individuals, families and companies navigate customs, understand visas and find safe and secure shipping solutions.

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