Moving From the US to the UK

Introduction to the UK

There are several countries and a province that make up the United Kingdom including England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales where more that more than 61 million people live. This historic region is full of royalty and winding hills and offers breathtaking ocean views.

Most think of London when they hear of the U.K. This capital city offers diversity, history and tradition. However, the other parts of this region are urban hot spots as well including Edinburgh and Manchester. Anywhere in the U.K. would be a delightful location to relocate thanks to its natural beauty and green countryside.

Currency in the UK

The United Kingdom uses the British Pound for its currency. Exchange rates vary from day to day, and after arriving in the U.K. you’ll want to check the currency rate to see how much your dollars are worth in pounds. Make sure you convert your money to make purchases.

Upon settling down in the U.K., you’ll likely want to find a bank for your money. In order to do so here, you’ll need a passport and permanent U.K. address, which can be found on a utility bill or certified letter from an employer or university.

Prohibited Items in the United Kingdom

There are items you should be aware of that are banned or restricted and cannot be imported into the U.K. These include:

  • Controlled drugs
  • Firearms
  • Indecent or obscene books, magazines, videos, DVDs
  • Horror comics
  • Dangerous knives and weapons
  • Counterfeit currency
  • Radio transmitters including cordless telephones not approved in U.K.
  • Meat, poultry and other animal products
  • Plants and plant produce including trees, shrubs, vegetables, fruits, bulbs and seeds
  • Animals, unless approved
  • Parts and articles derived from protected species, including ivory, furskins, reptile leather and good made from parts

United Kingdom Climate

The climate in the U.K. is maritime due to the Gulf Stream that brings mild, coastal-influenced weather. Although many think England receives a lot of rain, the north usually experiences approximately 1,600 millimeters while central and southern England get less than 800 millimeters.

The coldest months in the UK are December, January and February, much like the northern United States. When atlantic low-pressure systems move in during the fall and winter, heavy rain and the occasional thunderstorm as well as gale-force winds are possible.

During the summer, you’ll want lightweight clothing and rain gear. Medium and heavyweight clothing will keep you comfortable in the winter and if you’re moving to a more mountainous region such as Scotland, be prepared for more challenging weather conditions.

Education in the United Kingdom

Education is a matter handled by each country and province and will vary depending on the country in which you live. The U.K. governs England while the Scottish Government, Welsh Government and Northern Ireland Executive are responsible for overseeing education in those respective countries and province.

Although each government is responsible for education, they all have five stages including early years, primary, secondary, further education and higher education. Further education is non-compulsory and covers non-advanced education. Higher education takes place in universities and colleges. Schools follow a framework set by the National Curriculum which was established in 1988 for children between the ages of 5 and 18.

Moving to the United Kingdom

When you decide to make the jump across the pond and apply for your British visa or green card, it’s time to search for a United Kingdom moving company. North American Van Lines offers international service for customers who are making a transcontinental move.

Customer Service Representatives are available at all hours of the day. North American Van Lines  offers full-service packing as well as self-pack materials such as boxes and dish barrels for kitchenware. When making such a big move, box and furniture inventory is a must and when you choose northAmerican, this service is an option. Since you can’t drive your car across the Atlantic Ocean, northAmerican will transport it for you - as long as you’ve owned it for at least six months prior to your move - while you safely land at one of several U.K. airports including Norwich International Airport and London Heathrow Airport.