What Should I Do with My Boxes After I Have Moved and Unpacked?

If you have finished unpacking and have several of you packing boxes left over but don't know what to do with them. Read our posts with some great ideas with what you can do to use or get rid of the boxes.
Stack of used moving boxes

The hard part is over. You’ve moved into your new home, unpacked all your worldly possessions, and put everything away. Now what do you do with all those boxes?

1. Recycle Your Cardboard Boxes
When all else fails, recycle. You can just fold them up and put them with your other recyclables. If you moved into an apartment or condo building, your building should have a dumpster specifically for recyclables. If you moved into a house and you have too many boxes to fit in your recycling bin, you can take them to your nearest refuse site, which should have designated bins for recyclables.

2. Keep Them for Your Next Move
If you’re one of those people who moves around a lot, you might be better off just holding onto your boxes until the next time you move so you won’t have to worry about where to get new boxes when it’s time to move again.

3. Donate
If you know someone else who’s moving, or a non-profit organization that tends to go through a lot of boxes, donate yours to someone who needs them. They get to save a few bucks and you get rid of something you no longer need, so everybody wins.

4. Keep Boxes for Home
You can keep all or some of your boxes for you to use while you’re in home. They make for a sturdy storage container for items that you want to keep. Another use for the home is by using the boxes to cover your floors while painting your walls and ceilings.

5. Re-sell Your High Quality, Plastic Boxes
Cardboard boxes that have seen better days are better off getting donated or composted, but if you bought high-quality plastic bins and they’re still in good condition (and you’re sure you won’t need them again for the foreseeable future), you’d probably be better off reselling them.

6. Use Boxes for Composting
Cardboard moving boxes can be used for compost or mulch. The cardboard breaks down easily, creating soil for flowers or vegetable garden. If you not going to use boxes for your own compost, you can donate them to compost companies, gardening centers or farms.

From getting you the right boxes, to loading them onto the truck and moving them to your new home, we can cover all your moving needs. Reach out now to get a quote so we can get started making your next move a breeze.

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