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Military Moves and Personally Procured Moves

Did you recently receive a permanent change of station? Have you been temporarily assigned to a new location? Are you looking for a reliable moving company to help you with a major military move? 

No matter the situation, North American Van Lines is here to serve you in your relocation. With more than 500 agent locations in the United States, you canrest assured that we’re always nearby, ready to provide the highest level of customer service to you and your family throughout yourmilitary move. 

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Personally Procured Move Checklist

The Personally Procured Move(PPM) program is a government-funded initiative that helps military members relocate their personal belongings when they receive a new assignment. The program allows active military members to coordinate their own moving schedules and logistics while receiving reimbursement from the government for the cost of their move. 

Once you receive an assignment notification, you’ll want to think through a plan to transfer your goods to your new residence by the assigned date. To make things easier, we’ve put together a Personally Procured Move checklist to help you through your next military move:

  • Conduct research on your new base location.
  • Understand your PCS entitlements. PCS entitlements are the number of items you’re permitted to take with you, covering everything from pets and appliances to your furniture.
  • Decide if a Personally Procured Move is right for you. This is the do-it-yourself method and can be one of the most cost-effective ways to move your belongings. 
  • Find a commercial moving company that can accommodate your needs. With efficient interstate shipping and secure long-term storage facilities, North American is uniquely suited to handling PPM logistics.
  • Weigh your items to ensure you don’t exceed the weight limit for a full reimbursement.
  • Pack your bags and get ready for the big day!

It’s important to remember that Personally Procured Moves are based on the total weight of your items. If you exceed the weight limit, there may be additional out-of-pocket costs. After you call North American to receive a quote for your move, you’ll want to visit your base’s PPO office to apply for a PPM. The office staff will answer any questions you may have about the move or the funding. 

Why North American for Your Military Move (PPM)

Moving is never easy. Whether you’re moving across town or to the other side of the country, you deserve a partner you can trust to have your back from start to finish. North American Van Lines’ team of professional movers has the equipment and expertise to handle a PPM of any size. We aim to make the moving experience painless and stress-free for you and your family. 

When you choose to work with North American for your moving needs, you can also look forward to:

  • Shipment Tracking – Keep tabs on the location of your shipment at any time
  • International Shipping – North American International is one of the world’s largest household goods freight forwarders. Through our international partners, North American can provide door-to-door service virtually anywhere in the world. 
  • Labor Certification – We maintain background checks on all personnel that provide services at the residence
  • Safety Compliance – Safety is part of who we are. We are compliant with all DOT regulations regarding truck transportation.
  • Government Approved – North American Van Lines is a General Service Administration (GSA)-approved carrier.

Get Ready for Your Military Personally Procured Move with North American 

For over 90 years, we’ve been helping military families move to new neighborhoods, states, and countries. Our moving solutions can be customized to meet the unique needs of your move, wherever your final destination may be. At North American, we’re proud to be your partner throughout your Personally Procured Move and beyond.

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