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North American Van Lines arranges transporting services, packing supplies, loading and unloading services for moves of any scope or complexity. One of our three agents in Louisville, KY, will create a comprehensive moving solution for you. Our agent will connect you with professional and helpful movers who will pack and unload your boxes and furnishings. We can also arrange storage when necessary or supply custom crates to safely transport your large, heavy equipment and appliances.

We can coordinate your move with ease whether it’s across Louisville, across the country, or even to the other side of the world. Our agents are fully licensed and bonded, so you can trust that we’ll have your belongings transported safely. Whether you’re moving a large business or your entire family, pets and all, choose a BBB-accredited North American Van Lines agent. We’ve thought through all the likely complications that could arise when moving, and we offer tried-and-tested solutions. Call one of our Louisville agents today to talk about your moving plans.

If you’re planning a move to Louisville, Kentucky, you’re following the trail of numerous celebrities who have called this Midwestern city home, including actor Tom Cruise, journalist Dianne Sawyer and the boxing champion Muhammad Ali.

Louisville is a vibrant city with plenty of attractions, arts and sports. It is the home of the Churchill Downs, famed for hosting the Kentucky Derby; the Louisville Zoo; the Louisville Orchestra; the Louisville Science Center; and noteworthy educational institutions like the University of Louisville and Spalding University.

When relocating to the vibrant city of Louisville, Kentucky, trust the professional moving company North American to make your move as easy for you as possible.

North American, which has been serving the Louisville area for decades, understands the challenges and concerns of our clients. Whether you are moving from outside of the state or from an international location, our professional staff members will make sure your belongings arrive at your Louisville home or business safely. Our team of packers will secure your items to keep them intact during transport. We also will help you unpack your items after reaching your destination, if you opt for that service.

North American has a large fleet of vans and trucks designed to transport any type of item. Whether you need to move heavy furniture, a piano, a mobile home, or a vehicle, our professionals and state-of-the-art moving equipment are up to the job. Our goal is to make the moving process easy for you so that you can focus on planning your future in your new Louisville home.

If you want your move to Louisville, KY, to be a hassle-free experience, call North American today. We take pride in providing the best possible services for our customers — just one of the reasons we have had a solid reputation with the Better Business Bureau for decades.

Reviews from kentucky Customers

  • The movers came quickly and delivered everything the way I wanted it. I know the estimated charges but I would like to know the actual charge for the move.
  • The driver was the best driver I ever had. The driver was very professional, nice and good at the job.
  • NAVL was very professional and careful and I had a very experience team and I feel they were the best I have had and I have moved 8 times in the last 11 years.
  • The driver and loading crew were very good and they were the same on both ends. They were professional and helpful.
  • We were a little disappointed b/c the crew hurried through it quite a bit. The crew rushed me on the unloading quite a bit. Our experience was very good.
  • The service was easy and efficient. They took good care of the delivery. The overall experience was good.
  • The del tm was good, and they all treated me well . They called to do this survey alot, and obviously i am pleased with the service, but it would have been more convenient for me to call you guys..
  • The odds of me recommending them is 0, but the service was excellent. The lady who coordinated my move, Dina or Dana, was excellent. Bart was excellent.
  • They got everything to the new location and they put things in the location I asked them to put them.
  • Lets see, the guys that came in and packed were very genial, they asked me questions, asked me questions if I needed things packed a specific way. They just generally listened to anything that I might suggest or I might ask about packing something up and I watched it to make sure they packed everything and they did a great job.

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