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The state of Kentucky is home to a range of unique features across its fertile soil-- from the state's prominent bluegrass music genre, to the fertile bluegrass that the musical genre derives its name (and the state's official nickname) from, Kentucky is no slouch when it comes to cultural contributions to the United States and its longstanding history. If you've lived in the United States for any length of time (or even if you haven't), there is a good chance that you've heard of everything from Kentucky Fried Chicken to Kentucky bourbon, and the state is the birthplace to many spins on leading industries and pastimes that changed the way they were viewed moving into the future, from automobile manufacture to horse racing derbies.

Looking to live somewhere with a range of off the grid recreational opportunities? Kentucky is infamous for its level of local, natural flavor. The wildlife of Kentucky is something of an anomaly, as the state features one of the largest free range elk populations in existence-- along with the number one largest turkey and deer populations in the country. It almost goes without saying that Kentucky strikes a strong balance of natural preservation and leading industry advancements-- historically, the state has been known for its own personal industrial revolution in utilizing and producing coal, yet the expansive wilds that the state proudly features are often regarded by Kentucky's citizens as a point of pride that rivals the level of pride paid toward the state's world class college basketball presence and other top tier features.

Why live somewhere where you'll need to vacation outside state lines? Natural attractions are a strong suit of Kentucky, and in addition to the state's geologically unique lakes and rivers, the state is also home to one of a kind geological anomalies and wonders that include Mammoth Cave National Park (the most expansive cave system in the known world), Black Mountain (an incredibly high mountain peak that attracts a number of tourists), and Cumberland Gap—a historically relevant passage through the Appalachian Mountains that was utilized by a wide number of explorers and settlers.

In addition to the wide array of wonders and attractions offered up by Kentucky, the state's culture is shaped strongly by an internal history that spans a great deal of events and eras that existed directly on the pulse of American history. If there were a momentous series of events throughout America's growth and development, you can generally bet that Kentucky was involved in a significant manner. That is simply how life was, and is, in the longstanding Bluegrass State.