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Massachusetts Moving Companies

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Moving by the bay has never been better! The state of Massachusetts is often known as the Bay State, and the residents of the primely situated New England state benefit from a longstanding and rich history that dates back to the very beginnings of the United States itself. While the state of Massachusetts happens to be one of the smallest states by land area in the nation, it is one of the most densely populated states, along with being one of the most populous overall. Over 6,745,408 citizens reside within the state borders of Massachusetts, and Massachusites enjoy a wide range of recreational opportunities as well as a business acumen that bolsters the state economy in a large and highly unique number of ways. Historically, the economy of Massachusetts relied on trades such as fishing, however it was one of the first states to truly transform itself during the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution, which swept the nation during the beginnings of the 20th century.

No matter your job, Massachusetts has something for you to thrive on and enjoy! Manufacturing played a major role in the state's economy for a great deal of time, however by the end of the 20th century the bay state had shifted more toward something of a service economy. International influences from Massachusetts's sizable diversity of industries—these include renewable energy, information technology, and life science, just to name a few. The capital and largest city of Massachusetts has remained Boston for a great deal of time, and the Greater Boston metropolitan area accounts for much of the industrial and service sectors that empower the state's economy, allowing it to have the world class level of service industry that sets the state's economy vastly apart from the competition.

Need a substantial level of local history to convince you to settle down? Many are well aware of the more famous historical going ons from the 18th century onward which took place across Massachusetts. The Boston tea party and other popularized events throughout American history are often the centerpiece of early American history courses taught in grade school or to those from other countries undergoing a primer on key moments leading to the development of a sovereign constitutional democracy in the United States. There is no question that Massachusetts serves as a major player across key moments in American history, and it is certainly worth nothing that the relevance of Massachusetts has not slowed down since. On the world stage, the state of Massachusetts continues to be one of the most relevant and influential areas in the 21st century. If you're interested in a move to this bustling northern state, reach out to North American today for help getting started!