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Hagerstown is known as the unofficial capital of western Maryland and a gateway city to several major Mid-Atlantic hubs like Baltimore and Washington, D.C. The city was actually dubbed "Hub City" because of the many railroad lines that passed through during the 19th century. All of the lines criss-crossing through Hagerstown resembled a wagon wheel, hence the nickname. Today, it's a wonderful town known for its arts, shopping and recreation.

Hagerstown has seen a lot of significant growth in the past few years, especially in the residential and business sectors. Based on City-Data statistics, the city's population grew by 10.8 percent from 2000 to 2012, but despite the region's reputation for expensive lifestyles, the cost of living was still only 6 percent more than the national average. According to a 2012 U.S. Census estimate, there are more than 40,600 residents living in Hagerstown, so it definitely has a small-town atmosphere.

Activities and Attractions in Hagerstown

The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal flows straight through Hagerstown and gives a deep sense of the history of Western expansion in the early American era. For almost a century, this canal was a major supplier to several communities along the Potomac River, including Hagerstown. Today, it's a great place for hiking and biking.

The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts is another cultural gem in the heart of Hagerstown that boasts several unique collections featuring works dating from the 15th century to modern times. You can find everything from oil canvasses to sculptures to glass works within the museum, which grants free admission to visitors.

The Maryland Theatre got its start in the early 1900s and is a brilliant example of Art Deco architecture. This is a wonderful place to catch as show, as the venue was partially designed by Thomas W. Lamb, who famously worked on the Madison Square Garden Theatre in NYC.

Moving to Hagerstown

Hagerstown has always been a crossroads city, so finding your way around town with a Hagerstown moving company should be no problem. Both Interstates 70 and 81 criss-cross through town, as do U.S. Highways 11 and 40, so automobile options are available. However, if you need North American Van Lines' vehicle transportation service, the closest terminal is at Hagerstown Regional Airport, which lies just north of the city center. There are many other services offered from northAmerican that can make your relocation to Hagerstown that much easier, including box and furniture inventory, electronics assembly and disassembly, clean-up and unpacking services as well as no-surprise pricing.

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  • The ease of dealing with everyone from the coordinators down to the laborers. The communication was good.
  • The driver I had was awesome, and the driver did everything humanly possible to make me satisfied. The driver also went above and beyond in completing the job.
  • The communication throughout the move was very good, except with the coordinator. The driver and crew was extremely helpful, kind, sweet and very careful.
  • Everyone from North American Vanlines was very professional and gave me good information and I appreciated that.
  • The driver who loaded and unloaded our items as well as the person who contacted us and answered all our questions.
  • Everyone involved with the move was great and wentthe extra mile to make the move a great move. One of the crew members helped design the layout of the dining room which I thought was wonderful.
  • They were really great with the service and answering my questions. Everyone was just as nice as can be. I needed it quickly and it was right there and timely.
  • The delivery team took care of my items. Out of all the moving experiences that I have had I think they did the best.
  • The representative that visited my home was very good.The loaders were very systematic & careful with my items.

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