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If you're looking to reside in a heartland of career opportunities and more, Maryland is a fantastic place to move to. The state of Maryland exists directly in the heart of prime American soil. To its west alone, it neighbors Washington D.C., West Virginia, and Virginia, while also being neighbored by both Delaware and Pennsylvania. While the official state nickname is the “Old Line State,” Maryland was often regarded historically as the Free State, a colloquial phrase that encompasses the statewide identity Maryland has fostered as a home for many elements and factors that encompass the value of personal freedom emphasized by much of United States culture. While Maryland is small in size, its population density ranks it among the top five, with roughly six million residents residing across its just over ten thousand square miles of uniquely dispersed land area. The economy of Maryland, in contrast to its densely dispersed population, actually holds the honor of being the most financially well off area for United States citizens that there is. Maryland's median household income is unmatched by any other state in the country at over $73,538 per household.

This may be largely due in part to the nature of Maryland's local economy, which revolves around an intensive variety of varying industries and service sectors. Biotechnology, manufacturing, and more make up the inner workings of this highly successful and thriving state economy. The variety of geographical features across Maryland (due largely to the highly unique situation nature of its state borders) make for something of a veritable terrarium of American geography. The sheer differences among terrain as close as a few miles to each other can often seem like stepping into a completely different U.S. region. Maryland is often colloquially referred to as “America in Miniature” because of this. Maryland regards this unique geography as something of a point of pride, and the state's efforts to preserve and help cultivate its unique topographical makeup have earned it the honor of being regarded as one of America's top five greenest states across a number of publication rankings. Maryland is also a member of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Maryland enjoys a substantial lack of extremely cold weather, with wind patterns giving rise to a climate that, while somewhat variable year round, is able to avoid some of the more intensely arduous cold fronts that are long suffered by those who traditionally live in the far northern United States.

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