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Searching for movers in Chino Hills? You can end the search for an excellent moving company by selecting North American Van Lines. We provide some of the top advantages among Chino Hills moving companies. With scrupulous safety regulations, an attentive and reliable team of hired movers and 75 years of experience, we can certify that your relocation will be a simple process.

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What a Move to Chino Hills Has to Offer

Located in the southern region of California, the city of Chino Hills is home to more than 74,000 residents according to 2010 census data. This suburb of Los Angeles is nestled in the breathtaking Chino Valley and is bordered by the majestic peaks of the San Gabriel Mountain Range. The pastoral views of rolling green slopes hint at Chino Hills' past life as a cattle and horse ranch town. Although rapid housing development may have changed the city's economic identity, it has not drastically altered its appearance, and residents continue to enjoy the beauty of wide-open spaces.

This is truly a city where learning is not only valued but is also respected. Several Chino Hills schools are considered California Distinguished Schools, an honor bestowed by the State Board of Education. The Country Springs Elementary School is a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School. The local community center is constantly abuzz with educational activities for all ages; from swimming, gymnastics and music classes for children to yoga, ice skating and computer skills classes for adults, a new skill is never out of reach.

Chino Hills is the kind of locale that easily garners accolades. It is ranked among the 20 safest cities in the United States by the FBI, and low crime rates have made Chino Hills an attractive option for those who flock to the Los Angeles area for employment opportunities yet desire the safety of a growing yet close community. The city also has been ranked among Money Magazine's top 50 best places to live.

The North American Van Lines Difference

What makes North American Van Lines the foremost moving company in Chino Hills? It's simple: our national network of resources, cutting-edge equipment and technology, and dedicated agents. Add to that our standards of customer care, and it's easy to see how we became an acclaimed name among Chino Hills moving companies. Our skilled agents are prepared to assist you with a number of services including:

  • Valuation of your items
  • Transportation
  • Packing and loading
  • Transportation of large items including cars
  • Storage
  • Packing materials and boxes

Call North American Van Lines for a free quote today. Contact us to take the first step.

Reviews from california Customers

  • I have used NorthAmerican before and had a pleasant experience. I recommended to my company that NorthAmerican should be used to move nationally with the company.
  • The crews personalities was great, customer service was great, communication was excellent, and the crew followed my special request perfectly, everything was packed well and taken good care of.
  • Everything was done according to sched. All promises about the sched were kept. The driver and crew was very good.
  • My previous experience caused me to choose northAmerican Van Lines for a second move and this move went just as well as my previous move.
  • The professionalism of the pick up and del crew, the packers and the attention to detail. Overall the movers were happy and willing to do whatever was needed.
  • We got things loaded as promised and everything was done according to plan. The truck arrived on time and everything was delivered on time. Everything was fine.
  • I liked the quality of service b/c the del tm was very friendly and professional. The rates and prices are the lowest compared to others.
  • I was extremely satisfied with the driver's performance. The driver seemed to have ran the whole moving process.
  • I was influenced by the courtesy of the driver. Mythings were taken care of. The rep was efficient in pricing my move. The only prob was the sched of the move since I arrived b/f the del van.
  • The friendliness of the crew that delivered my furniture. The crew was very courteous and accommodating.

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