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Specialty Packing and Moving Supplies

At North American Van Lines, we offer many affordable, specialty moving supplies to ensure each of your items has its proper packaging.

North American Van Lines is not one of those moving companies which provide one-size-fits-all cardboard moving boxes, expecting that all your belongings can be contorted to fill them. Instead, we realize that just as your moving situation is unique, so are your household belongings.

Two of the specialty moving supplies include the stand-up and lay-down wardrobe cartons. Whether vertical or lateral, these wardrobe cartons are ideal for hangers containing clothing or for draperies and curtains. These specialty moving boxes are designed solely for hanging fabrics; nothing should be packed in the bottom of them.

We also offer mirror and mattress specialty moving boxes. Mirror boxes also serve the packaging purpose for large pictures, artwork and glass tabletops. The mattress moving boxes are also versatile including crib, twin, standard, double, queen and king sizes.

Custom crates are perhaps one of the best options for specialty moving supplies that we provide. The wooden crates can be custom designed to hold your unusually shaped or fragile belongings. These custom made crates are ideal for heavier valuables that require more protection such as marble items, statues, trophies, antiques and chandeliers. Since the wooden crates are custom built to your needs, there is no valuable we can't package.

Whatever your specialty moving supplies needs, we can accommodate them. North American Van Lines recognizes your individual packing and moving styles, providing an array of cost-effective moving supplies - not just a few flimsy, standard-sized moving boxes.