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Specialty Packing

Getting ready to move means a lot of packing. Your dishes, your clothes, your kids’ favorite toys — you need to pack it all into neat cardboard boxes.

But what do you do with large, oddly-shaped or extra delicate items? It may be time to think “outside the box.”

At North American Van Lines, we know that a big move needs more than one-size-fits-all cardboard moving boxes. Your moving situation is unique — and so are your household belongings. We offer a wide range of affordable specialty moving supplies designed to ensure all of your items reach your new home safely.

Take a look at our selection of specialty packaging and moving supplies to find the right options for you.

Wardrobe Cartons

Clothes are a common victim of poor packing. Delicates and items that shouldn’t be creased or folded are often forced to share whatever space is still available after the big stuff has been packed, resulting in possible damage and the hassle of re-cleaning, folding and hanging your entire wardrobe. So when you’re moving houses, give your clothes the special treatment they deserve.

North American Van Lines offers stand-up and lay-down wardrobe cartons for those items you don’t want to fold. This specialty quality packaging allows you to pack hanging items (like curtains or clothing) vertically or laterally, keeping them safe and sound as you travel to your new location. Just remember that these specialty boxes are for hanging fabrics only — don’t pack anything in the bottom of the carton!

Specialty Boxes

The hardest things to pack in a move are usually extra large or very delicate. North American Van Lines has solutions for these items, too. We offer specialty packaging for two common large items: mirrors and mattresses.

Our mirror boxes are designed with fragile pieces in mind. Each package is clearly labeled so the movers (whether professionals or you and your helpers) know to treat it with special care. Mirror boxes work great for artwork, glass tabletops, large framed photos and (of course) large or small mirrors.

If you love your mattress, don’t strap it to the roof of your car. North American offers mattress moving boxes in every size, from crib to king. Your mattress will travel safely and securely (even on long-distance moves), so you can spend the first night in your new space sleeping like a baby.

Our specialty moving boxes include designs for tall lamps, TVs, monitors and kitchen supplies. You’ll even find it simple to relocate your home office with our Quick Stack File Boxes, which keep your documents arranged like portable filing cabinets.

Custom Crates

Your clothes, mattress, and mirrors are covered…but what about your son’s large soccer trophy? Or that “unique” sculpture from your mother-in-law? Don’t sweat it — we have specialty packaging for all your fragile and oddly-shaped items.

Custom crates are the most versatile specialty moving supplies we provide. We customize each wooden crate to your unique specifications for statues, trophies, antiques, chandeliers and more. Since every crate is custom-built for your needs, there is no valuable we can't package.

Pack and Move with North American 

At North American Van Lines, we know that the items in your house are more than just “things.” They’re the essence of you — your memories, your style, your prized possessions. We know those things can turn any house into your home, so you need more than one-size-fits-all moving boxes.

We offer a wide selection of cost-effective moving supplies and services to ensure you can find the right tools for your packing and moving style. Whether you’re moving across the hall or across the country, we can accommodate your specialty packaging needs.

North American also strives to make your move as easy as possible through helpful online resources. Check out our relocation cost calculator for a quick and free estimate on your total moving costs, or review our professional packing tips to get ready for moving day.