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Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company

So, you’re planning your next big move. Moving is exciting, but the process can be daunting at the same time. Whether moving across the street or across the country, you’ll have plenty of work to do beforemoving day. Although the DIY approach may seem like the most cost-effective option at first glance, the manybenefits of hiring a moving company can quickly outweigh the potential savings of moving yourself. 

Here are nine benefits of hiring movers to consider as moving day approaches:

1. Save Time

Professional movers pack, load and unpack items for a living! They'll move your belongings quickly, efficiently and safely,saving you precious time during a hectic period. 

2. Reduce the Stress of Moving

Packing up your life and setting down new roots is stressful enough without the hassle of doing it all yourself!Hiring a moving company can ensure you stay on task throughout your relocation. Our relocation specialists and professional movers provide hands-on support to ensure every aspect of your move is planned carefully and carried out seamlessly.

3. Enjoy Professional Packing Services

One of the many benefits of hiring movers is the wide range of professional packing services available to you. Professional movers can help with self-packing, fragile-only packing and full-service packing. They can even unpack and haul away debris for you!

4. Let the Movers Focus on the Job

Professional movers are trained to handle moves of every size. You can expect next-level customer service throughout the entire experience, from the moment they arrive on moving day until the last box is unpacked in your new home. 

5. Save Money with Cost Effective Moving Plans

Did you know there are cost-saving benefits to hiring movers? If you move yourself, you might not have to pay movers, but you will need to pay for a moving truck rental as well as gas and tolls, plus lodging, food and miscellaneous expenses along the way. And that’s not even taking into account the physical toll of all that hard work! So, even if hiring professional movers seems a lot more expensive, it’s important to calculate the true cost of moving yourself.

6. Receive Services Customized for Your Needs

At North American Van Lines, all of our services are designed to your specifications. Your personal relocation specialist will help you select services that align with your needs and budget.

7. Utilize Industry Expertise

When hiring a moving company, you get more than just access to professional movers and high-quality moving supplies. You'll also get the benefit of years of experience. Movers supply professional moving guides and online resources to help you stay organized while you prepare for the big move. Here are some of our most popular resources:

8. Protect Your Personal Items

When you pack, load and unpack your belongings, you put your personal items at risk. If anything breaks in transit, you'll be responsible for buying a replacement. However, when you work with a trusted moving company, professional movers are liable for your belongings through basic valuation coverage. 

9. Discover Safety & Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is perhaps the most important benefit of hiring a commercial moving company. Having experienced and well-trained movers pack and unpack your things provides confidence that the job will get done right—especially when it comes to handling large furniture, major appliances and fragile items that need extra care to avoid damage.

The Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company

Whether you're moving to a new neighborhood, a new state or a new coast, you deserve to experience the benefits of hiring a moving company. Hiring a commercial moving company will ensure every aspect of your relocation is accounted for. Professional movers are a reliable, safe and budget-friendly alternative to the DIY approach. 

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