Moving Deals: Where to Look for Deals When Moving Into Your New Home

Moving to a new home can be stressful in more ways than one.

For starters, not only is there a lot to do, but moving can cost a pretty penny. That’s why a lot of people scope out moving deals before, during, and after their move. Here are five of the best places to look for moving deals in your area:

  • Stores. Lots of stores run specials for those just moving into the neighborhood, especially home improvement and appliance stores. These stores know that you’ll likely need anything from paint to nails, décor, and home repair supplies. Sometimes you have to visit the store in person, and sometimes you can call or visit their website to get the best moving deals.

  • Your mailbox. Many communities put together a packet of moving deals for new residents. Within a few weeks of your arrival, check your mailbox for an array of coupons for nearby restaurants, dry cleaners, stores, cleaning services, and more!

  • City government or tourist site. This won’t be the case for every city, but many city government pages have links to coupons and other moving deals for those new to the area. It doesn’t hurt to explore the site and see whether your city offers such deals.

  • Other online sites. If you’re striking out in your quest for discounts, you can always do a search at your favorite search engine. Simply plug in “moving deals in city” (replace “city” with your city name) and you’ll see lots of deals pop up. Of course, you’ll have to navigate each one to be sure the deal is actually for your city, and read the terms and conditions of each deal carefully.

Looking for moving deals at all stages of a move is just plain smart, since moving expenses can pile up. With more than 80 years of experience, we’ll help you achieve a smooth, affordable move.