Comparing Car Movers: How to Find the Best One

If you’re moving to a new state – or even a new country – chances are you’ll likely hire a moving company to transport your belongings. Many people then choose to fly to their new home and meet the movers there. If this is the route you take, it’s important to find reputable car movers to assist you with transporting any cars or boats. But there are so many car movers – how do you select the best one? Be sure to find a moving company for which the following things are true:

  • They have years of moving experience and great reviews. Even though newer companies may offer lower prices, experience is worth paying for. Think about it – this is your vehicle you’re entrusting to someone else! You want car movers who know what they’re doing. You can get an idea of how well they operate by browsing online reviews written by actual customers.

  • They offer the moving option you want. Depending on the condition and age of your vehicle – and how much money you want to spend on transporting it – you’ll likely sway toward a specific transportation option. Find a company that gives a variety of options, including enclosed, open, multilevel car carriers, and multicar tractor trailer trucks.

  • They have clear policies. It’s always good to know what you’re agreeing to when you sign on the dotted line. You don’t want to make a deal with car movers that aren’t upfront about their policies. Ask for a list of what’s expected of you – for example, do you need to remove all items from the vehicle before transport? – as well as an explanation of their inspection policies. In other words, how do they determine whether your vehicle was damaged during transport? They should be able to tell you right away.

  • They make protecting your property a priority. Great car movers know how to keep your vehicle from being damaged. Specifically, professionals will know exactly how to load your vehicle and keep it from bumping against others. Of course, no one can prevent all accidents, but reputable movers will have policies in place to reimburse you for any damage that may occur.

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