How to Pack Lamps

While packing your personal belongings and preparing for your big move, you’ll inevitably run into the question ofhow to pack lamps safely. Before tossing your lamps into the nearest box, there are a few additional steps you'll want to take to ensure they safely arrive at your destination. 

To get started, take your lamps apart and prepare to pack each portion separately. Start by removing the light bulbs, unscrewing the lampshades, and wrapping the electric cords around the base. 

From there, use this breakdown of how to pack lamps for moving:

How to Pack Light Bulbs

  • Wrap each light bulb with plastic padding or bubble wrap.
  • If a bulb goes to a specific lamp or fixture, write a label on a piece of tape before packing it.
  • Tape the bubble wrap. Make sure it's snug but not too tight.
  • Pack all light bulbs together.
  • Consider using dividers or filling the box with newspaper or bubble wrap for additional protection. Add an extra layer of bubble wrap over the top.
  • Label the box FRAGILE before adding it to the moving van.

NOTE: Incandescent light bulbs cannot be shipped and must be properly disposed of before moving.

How to Pack Lampshades

  • Wrap each shade in plain packing paper (not newspaper — the print can rub off on the shade).
  • Pack each lampshade in its own box.
  • If you have multiple lampshades of different sizes, you can test fitting them into each other to save space.
  • Use clothes, towels, or packing paper to fill the gaps between each lampshade.
  • Label the box FRAGILE before adding it to the moving van.

How to Pack Lamp Bases

  • Start by wrapping each base with bubble wrap or packing paper.
  • Secure with tape.
  • Pack as many lamp bases as you can easily fit into one box.
  • Add additional bubble wrap between each lamp base so they don't bump into each other or move around in transit.
  • Don't place any additional items on top of the base or in the bulb socket (this could damage the metal).
  • Label the box FRAGILE before adding it to the moving van.

How to Pack Floor Lamps

  • Remove the lampshade and light bulbs.
  • Wrap the base with bubble wrap.
  • If the base is sturdy, you should be able to pack it into the moving van as-is.
  • Make sure it's in a safe location in the moving van, where it won't fall on anything or get smashed in transit.

How to Pack a Salt Lamp

  • Make sure your salt lamp is completely dry before packing. 
  • Wrap it in packing paper or bubble wrap.
  • Place it in an appropriately sized box. Add additional packing paper so it doesn't rattle or move around in transit.
  • Keep the box with your salt lamp dry in a climate-controlled area.

Tips for Packing Lamps

When learning how to pack a lamp for moving, there are a few steps you'll want to keep in mind to make sure your lamps and light fixtures arrive at their destination safely:

  • Always label boxes as FRAGILE.
  • Pack the boxes with additional bubble wrap or packing paper so they can't rattle in transit.
  • Always wrap each item separately.
  • Wrap electric cords around the base so they don't get tangled.

Specialty Boxes for Lamps

If you have a few lamps you want to be extra careful about, you can purchase specialty boxes from a moving company. These boxes will provide additional peace of mind for your more delicate lamp bases or shades. 

The team at northAmerican provides fragile packing services from experienced movers to help reduce the stress of moving. Find additional packing tips and moving checklists here!

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