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Making any move is hard, but when you need to transition far away from your current home, things get difficult — you can't just make multiple trips with the same moving vehicle. You may need to downsize your belongings. Moves take time and effort, and the best way to take stress off yourself for your move to Clayton is by working with an experienced moving company that can provide local movers to handle the details. At North American Van Lines, we use our years of experience as a moving company to help make your move easier. Call us today!

What a Move to Clayton Has to Offer

Clayton, North Carolina is a medium-sized city that is considered connected to the nearby city of Raleigh. It is close to the Raleigh-Durham research triangle, which provides a wealth of jobs in a number of fields and therefore contributes to population growth.

Clayton was founded in 1869 and did not necessarily have an auspicious start. Before it was officially founded, it was a small railroad depot town called Stallings' Station. Three years later, it became Clayton. The economy was suffering and had been made markedly worse by the Civil War.

Upon expansion of the railroad, new businesses popped up, and Clayton flourished as a sales hub for tobacco, watermelons, and cotton. The Clayton area began trending more toward an industrial economy, and it remains that way today. The population of Clayton as of the 2010 census was 16,116, and it is expected to grow in coming years as well.

In terms of wealth, Clayton's median income is higher than that of many similar-sized cities. As of 2010, median household income was $53,101, and median family income was $64,856. The per capita income was $26,234.

Though Clayton is only just over 13 square miles, it is home to many schools. It has three middle schools, seven elementary schools, and four high schools. Since a sizable portion of the city’s population — over 32 percent — is under the age of 19, the many schools are required.

Essentially, Clayton is a history-rich town with ample job opportunities and plenty of educational options for young families. It's a good place to get a start in life.

The North American Van Lines Difference

When you're looking for Clayton moving companies, you don't need to look any further than North American Van Lines. We have many years of experience as a moving company, and we want to help take some of the stress out of your move. We can help with transport of cars and boats, packing your belongings, loading and hauling boxes, providing temporary storage, and more. Our agents in Clayton only hire conscientious movers. We also provide free quotes, so you can price your move before you commit. Call today for a quote or to schedule service dates!

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  • The overall srvc was excellent. Everyone who I dealt w/ was wonderful. I would recommend North American Van Lines w/out question. The personnel was professional.
  • We were entirely satisfied with everything about the move except for the subcontracting of the moving of the car.
  • I was very satisfied w/the move, the pick was very good. I was very comfortable & everything went as planned.
  • My rating was influenced by the good communication between the driver and myself. I am very satisfied with the entire move.
  • The only negative issue was the rate increase,due to the packing charge.Normally dressers are moved with contents in and this time the contents were unpacked, which I think increased the amount.
  • North American Van Lines was recommended to us and our overall move process was great so we are going to recommend North American Van Lines in the future.
  • I liked the communicaton and the efficiency. Everything was very well communicated as to what was going on.
  • The driver controlled the entire move and was excellent.The agent that I worked with who came to my home and gave me my estimates was very trust worthy.

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