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With a population of more than 23,300 and a large number of families, Junction City, Kan., has a broad appeal to couples, those with children and single adults alike. Located at the merging point of the Smokey Hill, Republican and Kansas rivers, Junction City still presents a strong trading-cased economy and has continued to see steady growth from the nearby military base - Fort Riley - which was established around the same time as the city itself in 1853.

Junction City boasts a lower than average cost of living, and while it is located in the heart of tornado country, a high safety rate related to these disasters. The city is also just 18 miles from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kan., and in close proximity to a number of other colleges and institutions.

Activities and attractions in Junction City

Junction City is historically a military city, with a strong collection of museum and historic sites for visitors and residents alike to visit. The U.S. Cavalry Museum, Custer House, 1st Division Infantry Museum and a number of memorials are located throughout the area, as well as several key sites for outdoor enthusiasts.

Hiking, fishing, bird watching and any number of other outdoor activities are especially popular in Junction City, with fishing being at the top of many residents lists. Located a stones-throw away from Milford Lake - the fishing capital of Kansas - the city is a key location for fisherman and women across the nation.

In addition to these wonderful options, Junction City is located near the Oz museum in Wamego, offering an exciting adventure for lovers of the film and book series alike.

Moving to Junction City

For those making the move to Junction City there are some key factors to consider. While the city isn't a college town itself, moving in September and May could be troublesome due to the close proximity to Kansas State. However, Interstate 70 running through the city, as well as state route 77, road access is quick and easy for travelers. The nearest airport is Manhattan Regional, though many may prefer to use the international airport in Kansas City instead, located about 137 miles away.

Junction City offers quiet living with plenty to do in the great outdoors in the Northeastern area of Kansas. By taking advantage of North American Van Lines' 2,700 drivers and myriad of other services, moving to Junction City can be a breeze.

Reviews from kansas Customers

  • Team Larken was excellent. I had hurt my back and they helped us with the last few details. They were courteous and professional. They have been doing this a long time and it shows.
  • I most appreciate the companies willingness to accomadate our 2 part move. Everyone was flexible, professional & kind accross the board. The company worked w/in my timeframe. Everything was on time.
  • I think the drivers were very careful with handling the furniture. The crew was on time as promised The crew were very professional.
  • The rep explained all the details. The rep was very patient with me in coordinating everything. The crew was very professional. The driver was great.
  • The driver and the crew were extremely courteous and careful. The delivery team took their time making sure everything was loaded well. The delivery team also took time bring in difficult items.
  • The driver called and arrived when they said they would. The items appear to have been packed verywell.
  • I was married to the Military and always moved though them, and this makes my first civilian move. I am also walking handicapped. I am very pleased with NorthAmerican VanLines and would recommend it.
  • The professionalism of the driver and crew. Jason,the driver, and his helper get a 10+ rating. I was completely satis.
  • All the people who worked with us were excellent. The people were patient, funny, and hard working.We were very satisfied with the service.
  • The salesperson was extremely knwldg and polite. The salesperson was very thorough. The crew was very polite and helpful.

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