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Looking to move to a locale with a key blend of strong industrial leadership and diverse new opportunities? Kansas has what you need! The state of Kansas serves as what is arguably a quintessential representation of the American Midwest, and for good reason. The sunflower state derives its name from the original Native American tribe that resided across the region that is now Kansas before its comparatively recent European settlement, known as the Kansa people, a word that is said to possible translate to “the people of the south wind.” These early people focused primarily on the hunting of bison and led a life that could perhaps most accurately be described as nomadic.  European settlers arrives in the early part of the 19th century, and settlement rapidly expanded throughout the region with a few short decades. Kansas underwent long periods of conflict, from political squabbles to full on armed altercations, throughout the tail end of these years, even earning the state the nickname of “Bleeding Kansas” for a length of time. It is worth noting that much of the conflict during this time was in regards to the issue of slavery, with abolitionists pushing heavily for the unaligned state to become a proponent of anti-slavery ideals developing during the time, and strong resistance from slavers drawing out a rough wave of ongoing conflicts until finally being defeated definitively by the prevalence of abolitionist sentiment across the nation.

The reliability of Kansas's economy in terms of your future are far from temporary. As Kansas entered the post slavery era, a great deal of new immigrants were able to come to the area and thrive thanks to the state's strong agriculture and ample soil suited for new farmland. It is worth noting that unlike many U.S. states with a strong agricultural background, Kansas continues to derive much of its economic strength from agricultural pursuits even today, and is one of the nation's main providers of soy, corn, and wheat products in the 21st century. Although much of the land across Kansas is rural in nature, its expansive borders account for a size in land area that is ranked 15th overall in the nation, making it one of the United States' largest and most open ended states around.

While the capital city of Kansas is that of Topeka, its largest stand alone city is Wichita, which attracts many people to its bustling urban presence. The largest overall metro area, in addition, is that of Kansas City, which features some overlap into Missouri. The city of Kansas City actually exists in both states and plays what is arguably an equal role in both state's economies and culture.