House Cooling Party Ideas

Waving goodbye to your old home, apartment, or condo? It's time to plan a house cooling party! Unlike a housewarming party to celebrate someone moving into a new place, a housecooling party celebrates a friend or family member moving out of their old home. 

Whether you're moving to a new state, city, or neighborhood, a house cooling party offers your friends and family a chance to make one last memory together in the place you used to call your home — not to mention helping you finish some last-minute moving tasks!

If you’ve already scheduled your movers and packed your non-essentials, it’s time to start planning the perfect house-cooling party!

Plan a House Cooling Party

When brainstorming house-cooling party ideas, you'll need to take a slightly different approach than a housewarming party. This type of celebration is much more relaxed and task-centric. Of course, the goal is still to have fun with your guests, but with a mind toward maximizing productivity and efficiency while still having a good time!

Make a Selective Guest List

Not everyone you know needs to receive an invite. The last thing you want is a home full of people you hardly know helping you pack your personal belongings. Instead, only send house-cooling party invitations to individuals you have a strong connection with.

Send invites to your good friends, immediate family, and close neighbors. Don't forget to remind them that you'll need some help around the house!

Plan a Fun, Relaxing Party 

A house-cooling party is for winding down one chapter of your life, not kicking off a new one. Instead of celebrating with bottles of champagne, music, and games, create a relaxing environment for you and your guests. 

Before the big day, have some pre-planned moving tasks you and your guests can do while still holding a conversation. 

Here are some ideas to set aside:

  • Protecting decorations and picture frames
  • Packing books, wall art, and decor 
  • Emptying the kitchen cabinets
  • Cleaning your pantry and refrigerator (and maybe finishing off the ice cream)
  • Packing up the guest bedrooms or your home office

Any Food Will Do

You don't need to go out and stock your fridge with food and snacks for your guests. Part of the fun of house cooling parties is reducing waste and emptying your fridge, mini bar, and pantry. 

Remember, food is the universal reward for helping friends move. Your guests will happily snack on whatever you have available! 

Have Fun with It

House-cooling party ideas are supposed to make your life easier. Don't feel bad asking your friends for an extra hand disassembling furniture, packing up your guest rooms or even helping with yard work. Small prizes for finished tasks can go a long way toward making sure everyone has a good time.

Good Memories Only

Think of your house cooling party as your last great memory in your home with your loved ones. You get to laugh and have fun with your friends and family while checking a few tasks off your list — what more could you ask for?

If you need additional help or resources packing and planning for your upcoming move, don't forget to lean on northAmerican for assistance. We have Moving Checklists, Packing Guides, and Moving Tips you can use to plan activities for your house cooling party and pull off a smooth and stress-free move.