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At North American Van Lines, we have three agents prepared to coordinate your household move or commercial relocation in Washington, D.C. Our agents have been accredited by the BBB, which gives you peace of mind for the safety of your belongings. Each of our agents in the nation's capital averages 4.87 out of 5 stars. You can put your trust in our licensed and bonded agents to set you up with movers who will safely and precisely pack, load, transport and unload your belongings. We'll even set you up with movers to do appliance disconnects and reconnects or with a team that can set up your new office cubicles.


Are you moving away from the Georgetown or Columbia Heights neighborhoods or maybe even to an international location? We look forward to coordinating the logistics of any type of household or commercial move, including international relocations. Do you want to fly to your new destination by taking a flight from Dulles International Airport? We can set you up with movers to transport your vehicle. We also have connections with short- and long-term storage centers if you need some extra space. Call our Washington, D.C., agents today for a free estimate and to start planning your move.

Have you found yourself on your way toward the District of Columbia in your near future? North American Van Lines features the resources that you need to make your move a momentous one!

There aren't many hot spots with a better all around quality of living in the country for you to move to beyond Washington D.C. The national capital of the District of Columbia (most commonly referred to simply as Washington, D.C.) holds down a highly unique honor as a populous and economically diverse center piece for the United States of America. What was once simply a headquarters for the nation's capital buildings and federal government has evolved over the course of recent generations to become something of a functioning economic ecosystem which features a number of prevalent local industries which benefit from their proximity to the financial advantages afforded by the booming national capital's gross domestic product and constant influx of tourists and other visitors.

A fan of historical or current politics? You're in luck. The three major branches of the United States government are headquartered in the District of Columbia. The President, Supreme Court, and Congress all reside almost exclusively in the territory designated by the federal district, while the immediate surrounding area is home to a high number of extremely prevalent national monuments and similar displays that attract a world class level of tourism from virtually every corner of the earth. Many who come to visit the United States for the first or only time consider a great deal of Washington, D.C. To be required viewing, and as such you can expect the capital district to constantly feature large influxes of far flung travelers that mill around bolstering its economy and keeping things flowing at a very constant, somewhat bustling rate. It is worth noting that it has been criticized by some permanent residents of Washington,D.C., in recent years, as being a district of the United States that suffers from lack of representation in regards to representation within the U.S. senate, the ability to vote on local ordinances effectively, and other shortcomings that occur as a side effect of the district existing primarily to serve the interest of the federal leadership that the district serves to house and manage.

Whatever your reason may happen to be for making your way towards the District of Columbia, you can rest assured that North American Van Lines features the moving acumen that you will require to ensure that you get there on time, and with all of your bases covered. We pride ourselves on over eighty years of serving the region, including taking on every variable type of move that exists under the sun. Have any questions you need answered? Our team is happy to help you assess your move before you get started. Simply reach out to us today!

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