Cross Country Movers Philadelphia

Cross Country Movers Philadelphia

Philadelphia MoversPhiladelphia is the sixth largest city in the United States. The booming economy, affordable housing and impressive public transportation system are just a few reasons many people are moving to this charming city.

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Choosing the Right Cross-Country Moving Companies in Philadelphia

When planning a cross-country relocation, it's crucial to have a team of cross-country movers in Philadelphia who are trained and certified to handle the job. When comparing quotes, make sure you always:

  • Review the online testimonials and customer reviews
  • Ask the movers about DOT and FSMA authorization
  • Avoid unwanted hidden fees, unreasonable charges or cash-only payments
  • Visit the company's physical location

Our mover checklist is designed to guide you through this vetting phase with the different cross-country moving companies in Philadelphia. Download it today to get started.

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How to Plan Your Cross-Country Move in Philadelphia

Once you're set on moving, you need a budget. Your budget should include how much you're willing to pay for all related moving expenses. From there, here's how your move will look:

  • Three Months: You'll want to start by requesting quotes from at least 2-4 different cross-country moving companies in Philadelphia. Three months give you enough time to review the quotes and lock in your desired move date.
  • Two Months: 60 days before your move, you'll want to start the packing phase. Always start by packing away small items you don't use every day. From there, tackle the task room by room. 
  • Four Weeks: Remember to research your new community. Look for new doctors, dentists, gyms, and schools near your new home. Now is also a great time to forward transcripts and medical records. 
  • Two Weeks: The last thing you must do is switch utilities, cancel memberships and change your address with USPS.

Full-Service Cross-Country Movers in Philadelphia

As a full-service cross-country moving company, we're dedicated to helping you achieve a stress-free transition to Philadelphia. We offer a wide range of affordable and customizable moving services. Some of our most popular services you can include in your moving plan include: 

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NAVL TruckCross-Country Moving Services in Philadelphia

Our cross-country movers in Philadelphia are professional, attentive, and trained. They know how challenging a cross-country move can be and are here to help with whatever you need. Whether it's appliance moving, debris removal, or full-service packing, we can take care of it all. 

After you request a free online quote, our relocation specialists will discuss the different specialty services we have available.

How to Pack for Cross-Country Move

Packing can be stressful. To ensure you're prepared to handle the task, you'll want to:

  • Label All Your Boxes: Labeling will help you know what's in each box. It will also protect fragile items in transit and make unpacking easier. 
  • Have a Packing Strategy: A packing strategy will ensure that every task is taken care of before you move. It will also help you stay organized and make the packing process much more manageable. 

Ready to start packing up your home? Don't forget to explore our free packing tips or packing calculator.

Cross-Country Auto Transport

Avoid putting excessive miles on your family car with our affordable auto transportation services. Our cross-country movers in Philadelphia will help you safely move your vehicle, motorcycle or speed boat to your new home for you. 

We can typically complete an auto transport in as quick as five to seven business days. If our movers don't deliver by the agreed-upon date, we'll send you a rental car free of charge.

Cross-Country Storage Services in Philadelphia

Need more space in your new city? Maybe you’re not fully ready to move in? We also have affordable storage units available to rent in Philadelphia. Our storage solutions are climate-controlled, safe, and secure, and we offer flexible terms and affordable rates. 

Cross-Country Moving Tips

Cross-country moves can be a challenge. Here's how you can get prepared:

  • Have an Essentials Bag: Pack an essentials bag filled with toiletries, clothes and shoes you wear regularly. This way, your essentials are easy to grab without rummaging through your boxes. 
  • Protect Your Belongings By Hiring Movers: Movers are certified and insured. So, if anything happens during transit to your belongings, you're covered by basic liability protection.
  • Use a Moving Checklist: Utilizing a moving checklist will ensure every small task is cared for before you move. We recommend printing it out and physically crossing off each task as you complete it.

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