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Oregon Moving Companies

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A move out west can often pan out to be the best decision of your life when it comes to the hot spots afforded by a move to Oregon. The Pacific Northwest state of is one of a trio of western most states across the United States that benefits from the advantages of being a part of the overarching west coast region, while enjoying a cultural influence from its local roots, both historical and modern, that can best be described in brief as simply calling the state of Oregon a highly unique location in American culture and geography. While the capital city of Oregon is the city of Salem, its largest and arguably most influential city in the 21st century is that of Portland, a metropolitan city that contributes greatly to Oregon's total population of roughly four million and features cultural influences on the modern city that have served to grant it its identity as a state that has the propensity to be weird in all of the right ways, while maintaining a diverse economy and variety of other significantly populated urban areas that keep the eccentric nature of the state's largest area from being too overwhelming.

In addition to Oregon's economy and array of unique neighborhoods, the state features a diverse sect of unique geographical features, with anomalies such as Mount Hood residing in the state, whose peak reaches over 11,000 feet and provides stark contrast to the state's sea level coastal region. It is believed that early inhabitants across what is now Oregon first arrived over 15,000 years ago, with evidence of early settlement spanning the state's number of intact caves and other unique geological features that indicate a rich geological history as well. European exploration in the 18th century gave rise to rapid settlement that would eventually lead into the territory's eventual statehood, coming in during the mid 19th century.

There is truly no way to fully understand what a move will require and benefit from until it has been properly purveyed and assessed by a team of professionals that have the breadth of knowledge to give a professional assessment, and that is exactly what we offer at North American Van Lines. Whenever you're ready to get started on your move, give one of our moving agents a shout, and they'll be happy to help you get started by providing you with the key information that you need to ensure that your move is getting off on the right foot.