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Minot is a booming North Dakota city that is located in the northwestern quadrant of the state. According to the Minot Chamber of Commerce, the city is going through a "growth spurt," and they aren't kidding. From 2000 to 2012, Minot experienced a near 20 percent increase in population, according to City-Data, as well as a significant increase in median household income, so it is easy to see why so many people are looking to make Minot their new home.

There is a diverse and exciting community in Minot, as the community is home to Minot State University and Minot Air Force Base. Expect to see plenty of honorable service personnel as well as a thriving student population in the heart of the city.

Despite the city growing at such an excellent rate, living here won't set you back at all when it comes to cost of living. According to City-Data, the index is more than 17 percent below the national average, so you can definitely raise a family affordably in Minot.

Activities and attractions in Minot

Minot is known as "The Magic City" because of the numerous attractions and fun things to do here. The city has a distinct Scandinavian heritage which can be seen in several buildings all over town. One of the biggest events in town is the Norsk Hostfest, an annual fall festival that celebrates Scandinavian culture.

Some great attractions around town include Berry Acres, a farm that offers seasonal produce, 4 Bears Casino, 11th and 11th Park, the Magic City International Dragway, Maysa Arena, an area skating rink, Nodak Speedway and the Old Soo Depot Transportation Museum.

Birding is another major activity in Minot due to the wide variety of avian species in town, including the ferruginous hawk, gray partridge, sharp-tailed grouse and yellow rail, among others. There are several green spaces to choose from near Minot to check out birding spots, including the Des Lacs National, Lostwood National, J. Clark Sayler National and Audubon National wildlife refuges.

Moving from Minot

The city literally sits at the crossroads of U.S. Highways 2, 52 and 83, so getting around town is quick and easy if you are relocating. If you are planning on moving from Minot in the near future, North American Van Lines can get you in touch with a Minot moving company that can assist with great services like furniture disassembly and self-packing materials.

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  • I personally know Rogard Ward, I trusted his company and I was absolutely satisfied. I just hope they get more business.
  • The crew was polite, worked hard and was on time. They appeared to be clean cut and took care of my product.
  • Mostly the interactions with people who moved them out of North Dakota-great customer service there.

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