Cross Country Movers Las Vegas

Cross Country Movers Las Vegas

Las Vegas City SkylineLas Vegas, Nevada, is more than just hotels, casinos and fancy restaurants. The city is composed of many safe and affordable neighborhoods and suburbs. There are also plenty of job opportunities, outdoor recreational activities, and professional sports.

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Choosing the Right Cross-Country Moving Companies in Las Vegas

Cross-country moves can be challenging. To ensure you're prepared to handle the journey ahead, you must gather quotes from different cross-country moving companies in Las Vegas and compare their offerings. When comparing quotes, you must always:

  • Read customer testimonials and reviews
  • Ask about DOT and FSMA authorization
  • Consider the specialty moving services
  • Check for unwanted hidden fees, unreasonable charges or cash-only payments
  • Work with a company with a physical location

Looking for a cross-country moving company in Las Vegas? Consider using our mover checklist as a guide. 

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How to Plan Your Cross-Country Move in Las Vegas

Once you're set on moving, you'll need a budget. Your budget is the maximum amount of money you want to spend on supplies, movers and unexpected costs. Once you have a budget, here's how to plan:

  • Three Months: Request 2-4 quotes from reputable cross-country moving companies in Las Vegas three months before your move date. Starting early will give you time to compare quotes and lock in your desired date.
  • Two Months: Now it's time to start packing. You'll want to start with the smaller items you don't use as frequently and slowly chip away room by room. 
  • Four Weeks: Before you move, you'll need to look into your new community. Find a new physician and dentist for you and your family. If you have kids, look into the different school districts and don't forget to transfer transcripts. 
  • Two Weeks: In the final days before moving, you must cancel memberships and switch your utilities to your new address. Don't forget to also register your new address with USPS. 

Full-Service Cross-Country Movers in Las Vegas

At North American Van Lines, we offer many different affordable moving services. All our services are customizable, so you only need to pay for what you absolutely need. Some of our most popular services for cross-country moves include:

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NAVL TruckCross-Country Moving Services in Las Vegas

For over 90 years, our cross-country movers in Las Vegas have been helping families, individuals and businesses relocate to and from the city. Our team is trained, insured and certified to handle moves of every size. Whether you need full-service packing or just assistance with loading and transporting, we're here to help.

Once you request a quote, we'll contact you to discuss your budget and the different specialty services we offer.

How to Pack for Cross-Country Move

You must start packing at least two months before your across-country move to Las Vegas. To help you stay organized, consider:

  • Have a Packing Strategy: Packing strategies are designed to keep you organized and on task. It will help you and your family pack your home more efficiently and quickly.
  • Taking Inventory: When you take inventory, you'll know what's packed and where. This extra step will also help you streamline the unpacking process. 

Ready to start building out your packing strategy? Feel free to use our free online packing tips or packing calculator.

Cross-Country Auto Transport

Have a spare car or motorcycle? Dreading the drive from your current state to Las Vegas? Ask our relocation specialists about our auto transportation services. Our cross-country movers in Las Vegas are here to help you safely move your vehicle from your old home to the next. This cost-effective alternative to driving yourself will help you avoid adding unnecessary miles to your odometer.

Cross-Country Storage Services in Las Vegas

Are you downsizing to an apartment or want to avoid living surrounded by clutter in your new home? We offer affordable storage solutions in Las Vegas and other major cities in the United States. 

Our storage units are climate-controlled, safe, and secure. We also have flexible terms and a wide range of sizes.

Cross-Country Moving Tips

Cross-country moves can get tricky. Here are three tips to help you plan for the journey:

  • Invest in Quality Supplies: The moving boxes and supplies you use will make all the difference. When you invest in high-end materials, you can ensure your personal belongings are safe and secure during every phase of your upcoming move. 
  • Leave it the Pros: While you might think cross-country moving companies in Las Vegas are more expensive than DIYing your move, it's more affordable, safer and faster.
  • Keep Yourself Organized: With a tool like ourmoving checklist, you can ensure every aspect of your move is taken care of before moving day. 

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