Cross Country Movers Los Angeles

Cross Country Movers Los Angeles

City Landscape of Los AngelesLos Angeles is home to over four million people and has 88 cities and five counties. Whether you want to settle down in a laidback community in Pasadena or embrace the city life in Santa Monica, North American Van Lines is here to help you plan for the journey ahead. 

As the most highly recommended cross-country moving companies in Los Angeles, our movers and relocation specialists are here to help you go the distance and ensure your belongings safely arrive at your new home in the City of Angels. 


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Choosing the right Cross Country Moving Companies in Los Angeles 

Whether you're moving from Florida, Ohio or New York, a cross-country move is a big deal! To ensure you find a reputable moving company in Los Angeles, you'll want to conduct research and compare quotes. Here's what you'll want to keep top of mind:

  • Read customer testimonials and reviews 
  • Ask about DOT and FSMA authorization
  • Avoid hidden fees, excessive charges, or cash-only payments
  • Look for companies that have a physical location
  • Review available specialty moving services

Our North American Van Lines mover checklist is a free online tool you can use to determine if a specific cross-country moving company in Los Angeles is right for you.

How to Plan Your Cross-Country Move in Los Angeles 

The first step in planning to move across the country to Los Angeles is to have a set budget. Your budget will cover moving expenses, emergencies and moving supplies. From there, here's how to prepare:

  • Three Months: Before your big move date, gather quotes from multiple cross-country moving companies. You'll want to take some time to read customer reviews, conduct research and compare the moving services.
  • Two Months: Next, it's time to start the packing phase. Donate items you no longer use and begin to downsize. You'll also want to order moving supplies, take inventory of your items and create a packing strategy for the different rooms in your home.
  • Four Weeks: A month before your move, you'll want to start researching your new community. Look for a new primary physician, dentist, gym, and school district for your kids. 
  • Two Weeks: A few weeks before the moving date, switch utilities, cancel subscriptions and change your address. Also, consider setting up mail forwarding with USPS for your new address.

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Full-Service Cross-Country Movers in Los Angeles 

As a full-service cross-country moving company in Los Angeles, we proudly offer affordable and flexible moving services that align with our customer's needs. Some of our moving services include:

Once you submit a request for a quote online, a relocation specialist will contact you to learn more about your move and budget.

Cross Country Moving Services in Los Angeles 

For over 90 years, North American Van Lines has been helping individuals, families, and corporations move across state lines. Our team is professional and attentive. All our moving services are customizable, so you only need to pay for what you absolutely need. From packing to unpacking, our cross-country movers in Los Angeles are there to help you through it all. 

Once your belongings are in transit, you can track them in real time with our tracking and communication system. This is just one of the many perks of choosing us for all your moving services.

How to Pack for Cross-Country Move

Packing can be stressful. Here are some tips to ensure you stay organized throughout the process.

  • Start Small: Begin by packing smaller items and items you don't use daily into boxes.
  • Grab The Important Documents: Ensure all your important paperwork and documents are in one box. This box should stay in your possession and not go into a moving truck.
  • Label Boxes: All boxes should be labeled accordingly, which can help streamline the unpacking process and keep things organized.
  • Stack Accordingly: Always put the heaviest items at the bottom of the box. This will protect fragile or prevent lightweight items from breaking.

Need help packing? Read our list of packing tips, or check out our packing calculator.

Cross Country Auto Transport

Instead of driving your car to Los Angeles or selling it before your move, consider our auto shipping services. We can help you transport your boat, motorcycle, spare car or vintage automobile. With our services, you can avoid putting excessive miles on your odometer. 

Our cross-country movers in Los Angeles can complete most auto transports in five to seven business days. If we don't meet the deadline, we'll get you a rental car free of charge.

Cross Country Storage Services in Los Angeles 

Need more space? Ask us about our storage services in Los Angeles. All of our storage units are safe, secure and climate-controlled. Whether you need a place to store your belongings for a few weeks or months, we have you covered.

Cross Country Moving Tips

Moving across the country to Los Angeles can be a time-consuming process. Here are a few tips to help you plan and prepare for the relocation ahead:

  • Plan Ahead: You should start planning your cross-country move at least two to three months in advance. This will give you just enough time to compare quotes, buy moving supplies, and complete any necessary tasks before the move.
  • Use a Moving Checklist: A moving checklist will ensure you complete all essential steps in the planning and preparation stages. We have a free PDF download you can print and check off as you go.
  • Hire Professional Cross-Country Movers: Cross-country moves are much different than local moves. In most instances hiring cross-country movers in Los Angeles will help you stay organized and save time and money in the long run.

Need more tips, tricks, and guidance? Explore our selection of online moving resources.

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