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Finding a moving company in Atascadero doesn't have to be a challenge. North American Van Lines has you covered no matter what size your move is. Our cutting-edge technology, strict adherence to safety codes and high quality assurance standards mean you'll always wind up with reliable Atascadero movers. Other moving companies make promises, but North American Van Lines is dedicated to your peace of mind. Call us now and get a free quote.

What a Move to Atascadero Has to Offer

Atascadero is a city of roughly 29,000 residents about midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles in San Luis Obispo County, California. The word Atascadero roughly translates to "bog" in Spanish, and perhaps once the region experienced great precipitation, but today, the city is quite dry, being somewhat inland from the Pacific coast.

Founded by entrepreneur Edward Gardner Lewis in 1913, Atascadero was the second city he planned and created, the first being University City, Missouri. Although very successful in Missouri, Lewis outgrew his operations there, and he founded Atascadero as a second chance to realize his dreams of empire. Lewis surveyed and planted the land and had homes and a hotel built. In 1918, he added what ultimately became Atascadero City Hall and Museum, a beautiful Italian Renaissance-style building with an ornate rotunda that is now a California Historical Landmark. Parts of State Route 41 that go from Atascadero to the Pacific coast were originally built by Lewis, and today this section of the road still bears his name. Residents of the area can tour some of these old landmarks to learn about the city’s history.

Besides Route 41, Atascadero also lies on U.S. Route 101, which runs from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Amtrak serves the city, and flights to Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Francisco are accessible via the nearby San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport.

A specific type of solar house was invented in Atascadero, the Skytherm house, which uses an integrated rooftop water system to heat and cool the house. Atascadero is located near the Carrizo Plain, site of the world's highest-capacity solar panel installation, which currently generates 550 megawatts of electricity and is expected to grow in the future.

The North American Van Lines Difference

In Atascadero, what other moving company can give you everything North American Van Lines offers? Our moving company has reliable, dedicated and efficient agents. We have over 80 years of experience moving people coast-to-coast, which contributes to our well-deserved reputation for excellence. Come try the North American Van Lines difference!

We provide:

  • Boxes and packing materials
  • Transportation
  • Transport for cars and boats
  • Packing
  • Storage

Our agents and affiliated movers offer some of the best services among moving companies in California. Call us today for a free quote that takes into account your moving needs.

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  • Very good and showed up when they were suppose to. They were efficient, professional, and I was very impressed.
  • The crew that packed everything did a really good job. I didn't have anything break. My only complaint was that everything arrived later than it expected. I thought it was supposed to arrive the 7th and it arrived the 9th.

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