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Living in the Deep South in Huntsville, Alabama has had its many rewards. Whether you are moving in order to finally make a home with your college sweetheart who found a career far away, or if you have found an exciting new career across the country, you will be filled with mixed feelings about leaving your beloved "Rocket City," home of the United States Army and Aviation and Missile Command and NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

You will miss the influx of families dropping their ambitious youngsters off for their summer at the ever-popular exciting Space Camp where young science-minded learn firsthand about the space program and perform flight simulations.

Once you begin preparing your own mission in planning your move to a new state, you may wish you had special controls to make your move easier. As it turns out, you can call on a professional team that works to make your move as seamless and efficient as possible. Once you have reached out to North American Van Lines, you will be well on your way to a simpler transition as far as move logistics. Your northAmerican moving consultant will help you devise a move strategy that will help you save time and energy. After your household items have been packed you can spend your time doing more important things such as revisiting your alma mater, whether it is the university of Alabama or Alabama A&M to reminisce on your college days.

You will probably be up for taking a good long stroll through Huntsville's several historic districts such as Twickenham that features Federal and Greek Revival Architectural style homes and buildings or Five Points Historic District that features early 20th century bungalows. You can let one of your strolls lead you to the Huntsville Museum of Art to see one of the permanent displays or a touring exhibit.

Get ready to take off from Huntsville and launch into your exciting new life once you get your move heading in the right direction with North American Van Lines.

Reviews from alabama Customers

  • They are on time and prompt with their work. THEY HAVE MOVED ME THREE TIMES AND NOTHING HAS BEEN BROKEN.
  • The overall experience. We've used North American before. They were professional. They worked with us even when we were undecided about what items we would take with us.
  • The movers were excellent and they did what they promised they would do and did it when they promised they would.
  • The care taken to deliver our goods with minimal damage. The accuracy of the bid and timing of packing and pick up. Any problems experienced with crew showing up were handled with professionalism and resolved quickly.

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