North American Van Lines - Wausau, WI

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Wausau Movers: Long Distance & Local

North American Van Lines - Wausau, WI

At Bajet Van Lines, you can be assured that your possessions are well taken care of. We endeavor to always provide dependable service that our customers can rely on. Our trained employees will be available to you during your entire moving process. They will make sure that during this time, all of your moving and storage move are fulfilled.

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Customer Reviews

Overall Rating: 4.95 / 5

  • CARPENTAR J. The driver and crew were prompt and there were a lot of people to pack however, there were only 2 people to unload my items, the driver and 1 other person.
  • BALDAROTTA J. We were amazed. It took me sixteen days to pack my items, where it took the del tm only two hours. The del tm was fast and efficient.
  • FOX JASON J. Everything went according to schedule and the driver could've been here earlier if we needed it which was good.
  • MICHAEL W. The driver was a veteran and knew what to tell the crew. The crew did a good job because of the driver. The fridge was scratched. One of items went to someone else's home. The person who arranged the truck left gaps.
  • LYNN V. The care and the communication from North American. Overall the move was good but I did have some scratched merchandise.

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