Driver, Customers Celebrate Quality Service Achievement - Creatively

Driver achieves top customer quality score; commemorates with runner signed by 26 customers.


Congratulations to northAmerican® agent E. E. Ward Moving & Storage driver John Flood for achieving a perfect COS (Customer Opinion Survey) score of 5.0 in 2021! To celebrate the achievement, John had the customers he moved in 2021 sign a home “runner” with a personal note about their moving experience.  The canvas runner is used by moving teams as part of the northAmerican Home Protection Protocol. The protocol outlines protection measures for protecting the home during the moving process, which includes floor runners and padding doorways and banisters.

Over 20 customers wrote a thank you message to John and his team on the runner.

The COS (or Quality Survey) represents the quality rating provided by our customers. Customers are randomly selected to receive a survey consisting of 14 service-related questions and rank their move on a scale of 1-5 (5 being exceptional). The quality rating determined by the scores is then attributed to a particular driver.  Achieving a perfect quality score is a difficult feat. Only a very small percentage of drivers ever attain a 5.0 rating. Currently, John Flood is one of only 2% of our drivers that have achieved a perfect rating.

“northAmerican agents and drivers are some of the best in the world, always striving to deliver the best possible moving experience to our customers”, says Kevin Murphy, Vice President and General Manager, North American Van Lines. “John’s accomplishment underscores the care and commitment to excellence all of our agents, drivers and crews provide for every customer on every move. Great job, John!”

“The summer of 2021 has been one of the busiest in moving history, which makes John’s accomplishment even more impressive. When John told me his goal in January, I knew he could do it but that it wouldn’t be easy,” says Brian Brooks, President and Co-Owner of E. E. Ward Moving & Storage. “However, John’s determination and commitment to excellence helped him achieve this lofty goal. The entire E. E. Ward team is proud of John and joining in on the celebration. Nice work, John! Glad you are part of the E. E. Ward family.”

And on top of everything else, John’s creativity in having customers sign his runner has provided him with a treasured memento of his accomplishment.

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