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Professional Movers & Packers: The Advantages vs DIY Movers

professional movers

When moving house or office, there's always a temptation not to call in the professional movers and packers but instead rely on a self-haul option, especially when moving locally; however, this is not necessarily the best option. There are several advantages associated with calling in the professionals that make it a choice that is hard to resist.

Take Away the Stress

Moving is a stressful event. Even more so if you are trying to organize a cross country move while working or looking after children. The range of services that professional movers and packers offer means that some, if not all, of the stress, can be offloaded. Movers and packers can do anything from transporting items on the day of the move to full-service solutions and everything in between.

Reduce the Chance of Breakages and Damage

Nothing beats professional packing services when it comes to preventing damage and avoiding breakages. Packers ensure that all the care that can be taken to protect items is taken and that everything makes it to the other end, giving those moving the peace of mind to focus on the more important aspects of moving, such as what school the kids are going to attend.

The safety of the items doesn't stop with the packers; the vehicles used to transport items are the right size and type so that there is less chance of damage from items moving in transit.

Right Packing Materials and Supplies

An experienced packer has the packing materials and supplies available to ensure fragile items are packed appropriately. Fragile items will be packed in bubble wrap and then packed in the appropriate boxes to ensure everything makes it through the move. Bigger items are wrapped in blankets or materials that will stop them from getting scratched or damaged.

Efficient Packing

Packers also know how to pack efficiently, saving money if the pricing is calculated based on square footage. Packing efficiently also minimizes the chance of damage to the items.

Makes the Moving Process Quicker.

Experienced movers and packers have checklists to simplify the moving process and ensure that everything is completed when it needs to be. Nothing gets left behind, and the moving process is as smooth as possible.

By dividing the responsibilities associated with the move, it means that takes are done quicker and more efficiently. While movers are taking care of your items, you have the time to focus on the other things.

Insurance while Items are in Transit

One of the main advantages of using professionals is that they handle the items' insurance while they are in transit between the old and new places. This means no more hassle getting insurance quotes and organizing insurance for the move and one less thing you have to worry about.

Knowledge of Location

When relocating long distance or internationally, there is a certain degree of uncertainty about not being familiar with the new location. Movers that offer out-of-state or international services have knowledge of most locations and can provide unique insights and suggestions regarding the logistics of getting items there in a timely, affordable, and convenient manner.

Tax Deductible

If the move is work-related, there's a good chance that the costs of the move will be tax-deductible. A few rules have to be followed around the timing of the move, starting dates, and distances, but aside from that, it is easily claimed.

Affordable and Convenient

The convenience of simply walking out of a house or business without having to do anything should not be underestimated. When the different aspects of the service are considered, the professionals are an affordable option.

Pricing is dependent on the type of move being undertaken. An international move is commonly based on weight, distance, and labor, while an out-of-state move is typically a flat rate based on the number of hours to complete the move. Local moves take into account a whole range of factors. Regardless, moving professionals are an affordable option.

Takes Away the Hassles

Perhaps one of the more advantageous aspects of choosing a professional is that if there is an issue with moving your items from A to B, the moving company will sort it out. No more sleepless nights worrying because that is someone else's responsibility.

Anything and Everything

Movers are incredibly versatile and can move anything. They can move anything from the grand piano to office equipment. If you happen to be moving your home and office, movers cover the entire spectrum.

Whether you are moving across the street or the world, the advantages of hiring professional movers and packers make them your best moving day option. The stress alone that is saved is worth its weight in gold.