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West Virginia Moving Companies

If the future has a place for you in West Virginia, North American Van Lines would love to have a place for you among our unmatched moving fleets and resources.

The Southern state of West Virginia retains significant remnants of its longstanding history as a strategically located state that neighbors a great deal of historically significant United States hot spots from the time of early colonization, key civil war disputes, and many other situations that effectively meant that West Virginia would often be caught in the crossfire between conflicting ideals, or even outright wars. It is sometimes considered a geographical point of contention that West Virginia is regarded as part of the “south,” however an array of census reasonings and classifications go into entitling the seemingly eastern state as such.

West Virginia maintains a sizable economy with a considerable amount of independent industries that serve to allow it to enjoy a much stronger than average gross domestic product. Beyond its economic advantages, however, the state has also garnered something of a reputation for being home to a wide number of recreational activities that can be enjoyed by tourists and locals alike, including whitewater rafting and skiing.

It is also worth noting that West Virginia gained its modern statehood by separating from what was once a combined Confederate state during the Civil War, making it the only state of its kind to ever do so—the fact that West Virginia's modern borders and identity as an independent state came about through severance from an embattled, existing state is noted by many U.S. historians as one of the more interesting anomalies of United States history.

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