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Vermont Moving Companies

Looking for reliable moving companies in Vermont? Get the professionalism, dedication and service you deserve when you turn to North American Van Lines as your moving solution. Whether across state lines or across the country, you can always rely on us to move even your most prized possessions, safely and securely.

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Have you always wanted to move to the mountains? There's arguably no greater entry point on the map! The northeastern state of Vermont is home to the Green Mountains, along with a range of other unique features that make it a standout state among the New England states that it neighbors. In addition to serving as the only state among all of the New England states that does not border the Atlantic Ocean whatsoever, Vermont is also home to a state capital with a remarkably low population of only about 8,000--effectively the least populous state capital of all time, by a considerable margin. Much of the population of Vermont, instead, resides in the city of Burlington, with the Burlington-South Burlington metropolitan area accounting for much of the state's over 600,000 citizens. Vermont also holds a history of serving as a sovereign state in its past, and is only one of a small handful of past U.S. states to do this. Combine all of these factors with a major role that Vermont played during the Underground Railroad efforts during the abolition era of slavery, and you have a state that features one of the most remarkably unique historical (and even current) makeups out of any of the states in the country.

Your career may skyrocket after taking advantage of the long history of opportunities that Vermont offers! Vermonters enjoy an economy that historically relied heavily on agriculture, and still maintains an agricultural presence that persists to this day. Other major players in the economy of Vermont, however, include real estate, tourism, and insurance industries. Vermont enjoys a highly diverse economy that can seem somewhat unpredictable at times.

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