Cross Country Movers Dallas

Cross Country Movers Dallas

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Dallas, Texas, is a lively city home to some of the best restaurants, museums, and outdoor activities in the United States. It's no wonder so many individuals, families and businesses are waving goodbye to different states nationwide to make Dallas their new home. 

Whether you're moving from Maine, New York, or Washington, cross-country moves are not easy! They take hours of planning and preparing to ensure you and your belongings safely arrive at your new destination. To ensure your needs are met, you'll need to hire cross-country movers in Dallas who are trained to handle the job.

Looking for cross-country moving companies in Dallas? North American Van Lines has you covered. Request a free, no-obligation quote today to get started.

Choosing the right Cross Country Moving Companies in Dallas

There are a few things to consider when hiring cross-country movers in Dallas to ensure you choose a reputable company. To get started, you'll want to:

  • Read testimonials and reviews 
  • Check for DOT and FSMA authorization
  • Avoid companies that don't have a physical location
  • Make sure they have the services you require
  • Avoid hidden fees, excessive expenses, or cash-only payment policies


Our North American Van Lines mover checklist is a free online resource for selecting the right cross-country movers in Dallas.

How to Plan Your Cross-Country Move in Dallas

The first step to planning a cross-country move is to set a budget. Once you have a budget for moving supplies, movers and unexpected expenses, you can plan for the big day. Here's how:

  • Three Months: At least three months before your relocation date, you'll want to gather quotes from different movers. Compare quotes, moving services and testimonials you find online to find the perfect match.
  • Two Months: If you plan on taking the self-packing approach, you'll want to order moving supplies and begin downsizing. Also, take an inventory of your belongings and develop a packing strategy. 
  • Four Weeks: Next, you'll want to start researching your new community and neighborhood. Look into school districts, doctor's offices and dentists you and your loved ones can transfer to. 
  • Two Weeks: It's time to make it official by switching utilities, canceling gym memberships and changing your address. 


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Full-Service Cross-Country Movers in Dallas

North American Van Lines is a full-service cross-country moving company in Dallas. All our services are customizable and can be tailored to align with your goals and needs. Some of our most popular services for across-country moving in Dallas:

  • Full-service packing
  • Fragile-only packing
  • Specialty Boxes
  • White-Glove
  • Appliance Moving
  • Debris cleanup


Cross Country Moving Services in Dallas

For over 90 years, North American Van Lines has been one of the top-rated cross-country moving companies in Dallas. Our movers are trained, licensed and insured. They know just how daunting a cross-country move can be and are here to make moving across state lines a hassle-free process for everyone involved.

After you request a quote, we'll create a custom moving plan for your move. You can pick and choose which moving services you need, so you only pay for what you absolutely need. No need to worry about excess charges, hidden fees, or unnecessary requirements. 

How to Pack for Cross-Country Move

Packing up your entire home can seem like a time-consuming task to take on by yourself. Here's how to pack like the pros and stay organized.

  • Start Small: Pack your small appliances, trinkets, and items you don't use daily into boxes. 
  • Grab the Essentials: You should have a designated folder or box for your important documents and paperwork. This box should stay in your possession and not be packed into a moving truck. 
  • Take Inventory: You'll want to keep a running list of everything you own you can reference when you go to unpack at your new place.
  • Label Boxes: Labeling boxes will help streamline the unpacking process. It will also help your cross-country movers in Dallas be safer with your belongings.


Cross Country Auto Transport

Need to move your spare car, SUV, boat or motorcycle? We offer affordable and flexible auto shipping services. Taking advantage of our auto shipping services will help you avoid putting excessive miles on your odometer and avoid putting wear and tear on your vehicle. 

In most instances, our team can relocate a vehicle in five to seven business days. If we don't meet your in-hand date, we'll get you a rental car free of charge.

Cross Country Storage Services in Dallas

Moving across state lines is stressful as it is. The last thing you want to have to do is live surrounded by moving boxes and clutter. That's why we offer a wide range of storage units in Dallas and other major cities in the United States. Our storage units are climate-controlled, safe and secure. We also have flexible terms and affordable rates.

Cross-Country Moving Tips

At North American Van Lines, we're more than just another cross-country moving company in Dallas. We're a partner you can rely on for help with logistics, planning, and free online moving resources. We have everything from guides, tips, and checklists readily available online. 

Here are some quick cross-country tips to help you prepare: 

  • Plan Ahead: You should start planning for a cross-country move at least two to three months in advance. This gives you enough time to compare quotes and prepare for the journey ahead. 
  • Downsize: Before you start packing, consider downsizing first. Decluttering before you move will help you save on the overall cost of the move.


Consider Insurance: Cross-country moving companies in Dallas are required by law to offer basic carrier liability. Depending on the coverage offered, you may consider getting additional coverage for your belongings for peace of mind.

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