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Rhode Island Moving Companies

Is a household or corporate relocation in Rhode Island in your future? Your move will go as smoothly as possible with our North American Van Lines agents. Each of our licensed and bonded agents is familiar with every area of the state from Woonsocket to Narragansett and Providence to New Shoreham. This New England state offers many opportunities to enjoy a new neighborhood or a more spacious building for your business, and our agents will connect you with movers to handle the tasks of packing, loading, and transporting your belongings.

Would you like freight-only services? Our Better Business Bureau-accredited agents will find a trustworthy and efficient team to get the job done. We select accurate and precise movers who have attention to detail. We ensure that your belongings and facilities are fully protected with furniture and corner pads, floor runners, and protective bubble wrap. Is your move taking you outside of Rhode Island? Our dedicated agents are prepared to handle your out-of-state or international relocation, too. From setting you up with a storage solution to finding movers who can transport your piano, we're a solid choice. Call one of our Rhode Island agents today to schedule services or get an estimate.

Been searching for moving companies in Rhode Island? Get the professionalism, dedication and service you deserve when you turn to North American Van Lines as your moving solution. Whether across state lines or across the country, you can always rely on us to move even your most prized possessions, safely and securely.

Looking to make your way out to the Ocean State for your next big move? We at North American Van Lines can help!

Looking for a particular area to move to in terms of career growth? Rhode Island has everything you'll want and then some, and we'll be more than glad to help you make it happen. The Northeastern state of Rhode Island is interesting in that it comprises the smallest overall land area of any U.S. state, while maintaining a considerable variety of historical and economic contributions to the United States, spanning back to its substantially early history as one of the original thirteen colonies to achieve statehood after separating itself from British rule. In fact, Rhode Island was the first out of all of the original colonies to declare itself independent, preceding the first among others by over two months. Roughly 15% of the state's land area is comprised of bays, lending itself to its official state nickname of the Ocean State. Providence serves as the state's capital city, while also serving as its largest metropolitan area. While only about one thousand square miles encapsulate the land area of the nation's smallest state, it maintains a higher than expected population, due almost entirely in part to the fact that the state features the second highest population density out of the entire United States. The largest employers in the state include the Lifespan Hospital group, a corporate entity which encompasses a wide number of state hospitals, along with the state and federal government.

Somewhat ironically, the state of Rhode Island's official long form name is technically “the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations,” which means that the smallest state in the United States happens to have the longest title by a considerable amount. This is perhaps an attempt to make up for its shortcomings in land area. Brevity, however, also lends itself fittingly to the smallest state in the country, with its official state motto simply being made up of a single, four letter word: Hope.

If you're prepared to make your way to Rhode Island for new job opportunities, a change in scenery, or any other reason under the sun, you can rest assured that North American Van Lines is ready to be right there with the skill sets and resources that you and your move need to ensure that the process will be able to take place as smoothly as possible. Still have any questions? Reach out to our moving agents today for a quick and easy assessment on the aspects your move needs to ensure that you'll be able to enjoy the ride with us, every step of the way.