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Mississippi Moving Companies

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When it comes to Mississippi, it is said that hospitality comes first—a factor we strive to share in common with the Magnolia State when serving your move.

Don't underestimate the opportunity of a move to the great southern hot spot that is Mississippi! The state of Mississippi comprises nearly three million citizens, and its history and culture span back to surmise a great deal of the American south's overall cultural identity. A great deal of the state's history revolved largely around agricultural developments, and modern Mississippi interestingly continues this trend. A great deal of modern and industrialized agriculture (or “agribusiness,” as it is often referred to) still pumps the Mississippi economy and helps it to thrive throughout the modern day. Many industrial farms sweep across expansive agricultural regions across the state, giving rise to a unique mix of undisturbed natural forestry and neighboring industry throughout many parts of the state. In regards to the urban presences across the state, the majority of major urban activity exists within the boundaries of the city of Jackson, which is both Mississippi's largest, and capital city.

No variety of mover tends to end up unhappy once they touch down in the Magnolia state. Mississippi features a number of interesting demographics that differ significantly from the norm across much of the rest of the country. For example, Mississippi features a significantly large percentage of African American citizens in comparison with racial breakdowns from neighboring states, and is also ranked the most religious state overall across the country. These and other unique characteristics contribute to a state culture that is uniquely Mississippian in many more ways than just one.

Need options for your city of choice? Major cities beyond the capital of Jackson include Gulfport, the state's second largest, along with Southaven and Hattiesburg, who both maintain roughly 50,000 citizens each. A great deal of sizable communities exist across the Magnolia state, however with populations that hold the characteristic of being highly variable and most typically not aggregating enough citizens to constitute a major metropolitan area. However, despite this, Mississippi features a variety of moderately sized cities that are worth living in and checking out for those looking to become more in tune with the local culture and lifestyle of the state.

Are you looking to move to (or even from) the state of Mississippi? If so, we believe that North American Van Lines has the professional moving acumen that you need to ensure that your move is a great experience in factors ranging from convenience and price to simple peace of mind. When you're ready to get started, reach out to one of our moving agents, and we'll be happy to help you get on the right track with your move as soon as today.