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Maine Moving Companies

For a relocation in Maine, turn to our North American Van Lines agents located throughout the state. All of our agents have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and are also licensed and bonded. We have high ratings from consumers who have used our household and commercial relocation services, a testament to our strategy of putting people first. With our 85 years of experience coordinating moves, we know what is required for a smooth, affordable and efficient experience.

Our agents complete an intensive training process and are able to connect you with full-service movers. We can set you up with a storage unit or supply you with packing materials. We know every big city and small town in the state from Bangor and Portland to Farmington and Lincoln. Even if your relocation is taking you out of Maine, our agents will coordinate out-of-state and international moves. Call our North American Van Lines agents in Maine for a free estimate.

Looking for reliable moving companies in Maine? Get the professionalism, dedication and service you deserve when you turn to North American Van Lines as your moving solution. From moves across the country to across the world, rely on North American Van Lines to safely move all your most prized possessions.

If the Pine Tree State happens to be on your horizons in the near future, you can look to us at northAmerican for the help you require.

The far north offers a seemingly endless level of opportunity for those moving to Maine. The state of Maine is the second northernmost continental state in the United States, outclassed only by Alaska in sheer northern location. Maine, however, exists far east and serves to top off the highly historical New England region, and features an interesting variety of heavy forestry, expansive mountain ranges, and a significant influence from its high quantity of local waterways. The cuisine of Maine attracts many tourists, and revolves primarily around its exhibition of seafood. Clams, lobster, and other well done luxury dishes tend to comprise the signature nature of Maine's food, and this presence of waterways also allows the state to enjoy a well balanced coastal climate. Maine's largest city, Portland, contributes to the state's largest metropolitan area as well, which is referred to as Portland-South Portland-Biddeford. Augusta, however, holds the honor of serving as Maine's capital city, and the altogether population of the coastal state sits at around 1,300,000. Despite its moderately small land area, however, the state of Maine manages to have a population density that is uncommonly low in comparison with many New England states that can seem rather crammed at times. Maine residents can expect to enjoy the advantages and open spaces of a rural region, while having full access to a close proximity of world class urban centers that offer Maine's citizens just about everything under the sun. Historically, much of Maine's early settlements suffered tumultuous ups and downs, with many of them failing to ultimately take hold and becoming lost over time, for reasons that are not entirely agreed upon. Interestingly, Maine was also once an extension of what is now the state of Massachusetts, before eventually seceding into its own district leading up to finally gaining statehood during the early years of the sovereign United States' development into a constitutional democracy. Modern Maine is proud to laud itself as the safest overall state in the U.S., a feature that is certainly enjoyed daily by its citizens. Low overall crime rates, particularly in regards to the rate of occurrence among violent crime, mean that citizens of the Pine Tree State can rest easy and know that they've opted for the right choice in living out their days and fostering their careers within a quality state in the long haul.

If you're looking to make your way to the great state of Maine, we hope that you'll look to us for any and all of your moving needs. We have no shortage of the resources and skills you need to make your move a great and memorable one.