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Delaware Moving Companies

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If you're looking to move into a prime hot spot of American culture and history, you're in luck. The state of Delaware is the second smallest in total land area across the United States, featuring just three counties altogether and just under 2,000 square miles making up its total area. These square miles, however, comprise some of the tightest population density that the U.S. currently has on display, with its distinctive counties of Kent, New Castle, and Sussex each maintaining their own semblance of unique community with their local neighborhoods being no slouch in the department of making full use of every square mile within their borders, to present their respective Delaware citizens (known as Delawareans) with an unmatched range of recreational activities, economic opportunities, and much more—it is worth noting that Kent and Sussex derive from an early history of being predominately agricultural in nature, while New Castle has more historically been the state's front runner in regards to industrial growth and urban development.

Becoming a resident of Delaware comes with a great deal of perks based in core American pride and citizenship as well! As one of the original colonies that took on the challenge of the American Revolution, Delaware maintains a level of state history that is paramount to the history and identity of the United States overall. In particular, the state of Delaware was the first state of them all to ratify the original draft of the Constitution of the United States, and has earned an officiated nickname because of this as “The First State.” As far as relevant history of the United States goes, Delaware is a front runner both in name and in nature.

Looking to move somewhere with five star continental weather, year round? Look no further. Delaware enjoys the moderate climate afforded to many of the Northeast megalopolis states (and afforded to Northeastern states in general), with a few key differences worth noting-- due in part to its unique proximity to bodies of water, along with its low elevation, the state of Delaware features a juxtaposition of identifying climate features and distinctions, with its official classification, though moderate, falling somewhere between a continental climate and a climate that is humid and subtropical. Many Delaware residents will tell you that the state's unique ups and downs in temperature throughout the year will generally need to be experienced firsthand before they can be fully understood—perhaps an indicative metaphor of what it takes to truly understand the state's complex and longstanding cultural and historical context in general.

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