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Alaska Moving Companies 

Have you found yourself moving to the United States' longstanding neighbor to the great white north? Don't fret—you'll be in good company with the endless amount of sincere residents that the winter state proudly houses –and North American Van Lines will be there with you for every step of your journey on the way. The 49th and northernmost U.S. state of Alaska features a great deal of historical significance, in addition to serving as the largest of all 50 states in sheer land area by a significant amount-- in contrast, it is the lowest out of any state in regards to population density –Alaska has garnered something of an identity as a perfect home to those who wish to enjoy the natural beauty that North America has to offer at something of a slower pace. Having been purchased by the United States during the mid-19th century, Alaska went through a large number of significant changes in transforming into the modern monolith of United States culture and noteworthy exceptionalism that it serves as today. Worth noting along these lines is that before it gained official statehood, it existed as a designated territory of the U.S. for nearly 100 years. It can be argued that the name of the state of Alaska is derived from an Aleut word, “Alyeska,” which translates to mean “the great land.”

Moving to the remote and thriving cities of Alaska doesn't simply mean that you'll be enjoying the modern amenities that the 21st century industrial powerhouse offers—you'll be residing in a state with a rich local history as well. The officially recognized nickname of Alaska is “the last frontier,” and perhaps for good reason-- the substantially large area of land mass encapsulated by the state borders accounts for a consistent and ongoing degree of economic potential that continues to provide the country (and world as a whole) with new opportunities for growth and improvement of quality of life, with no end in sight –the vast majority of the Alaskan wilds remain perfectly preserved and untamed. This is not due to any lack of interest or inhabitation, however, as the unkempt mountains of the Alaskan wilds are still home to over 735,000 citizens, the majority of which reside in the handful of major urban centers that Alaska is host to-- while Anchorage holds the honor of being the most populous city in Alaska by a significant margin, the capital city of Juneau serves as a close second, retaining a wide variety of significant contributions to the state's economy, culture and history.

There are a seemingly limitless number of careers that can benefit from a move to Alaska, and we're proud to help facilitate those that may be migrating from any number of fields! An exceptionally noteworthy ratio of Alaska's overall economy is comprised of its contributions to the nation's overall energy industry, with the natural gas industry playing a particularly significant role in Alaska's contributions to energy reserves as a whole. Worth noting is that major oil reserves that were once relied on as a long term benefactor toward Alaska's economy have largely depleted in recent years, necessitating the state to look toward alternative innovations in order to foster this major player in the state's economy and help it to continue to thrive. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline holds a significant presence in the state's energy industry, and can easily transport millions of barrels worth of crude oil each day-- certainly no small number in terms of sheer quantity or raw power.

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