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Moving this Year? These Apps May Make it Easier

Planning a move is a lot of work. Luckily, there’s an app for that… more than one,someone using a cell phone actually. Here are some apps that can help you at every step of the way, from finding a new home to finding your way around your new city. You may also want to use a budgeting tool to create a moving budget. If your company is reimbursing you, you may want expense and mileage tracker apps.

Trulia: Whether you’re renting or moving, you’ll want to search and compare listings, figure out what you can afford and learn about neighborhood safety.

WalkScore: Free app lets you search rentals by city and layer in information about nearby shopping, entertainment and other neighborhood features. Learn about the walkability of your new neighborhood, and plan commutes by car, bike or public transit.

MoveAdvisor: Here’s a free app that will let you inventory your home, by room, set up a week-by-week moving timeline, help estimate how many boxes you need, and more.

Magic Home Inventory: Inventory, categorize, and create lists of items to sell, donate or give away prior to your move. Create inventory of valuable options for homeowners or rental insurance purposes, and track what gets packed in which box.

Moving Organizer: Keep track of what you packed and which box it went into using pictures and voice descriptions. Available in free and Pro versions.

FloorPlan Creator: Make setting up your house a virtual snap with a floor plan creator. Syncs to select Bluetooth laser meters and automatically calculates room size. Add your furniture pieces and rotate or rearrange to find the optimal layout. Available in free and Pro versions.

HomeAdvisor: Need help with post-move projects? Read reviews, find and schedule painters, plumbers, landscapers and more professionals.

Waze: Find your way around your new town, and get crowdsourced shortcuts and traffic alerts.

Local Government Apps: Your town may have apps for their parks and recreation department, or that allow you to pay for parking, track public transit and

There are more than just these apps, of course, so do some quick searches in the app store to find what you need. Don’t forget your social media feeds! Look for neighborhood groups on Facebook, and follow your city profiles and local representatives on Facebook and Twitter. 

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