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  • The crew was professional. The packing crew were like tornadoes. The crew worked long hours, were very good and very friendly. The driver showed up when promised. The driver had a very upbeat attitude
  • The performance of the people that I dealt with at North American Van Lines was good. The driver and crew were efficient, they worked hard, and were comfortable to work with.
  • The movers were prompt & thorough. There are some missing screws from my TV. The 3rd party vendor was supposed to contact me in regards to getting replacement parts. But no one has contacted me yet.
  • The driver and the other guy were awesome. This is the best move, worry free, stress free and on time. I would recommend you to anybody.
  • The driver was amazing. He did a phenomenal job. He made sure that I understood everything. Bill Freeman is the vice president out of Dallas & he keptme informed and was concerned about my relocation.
  • Every time we have dealt with the people, they do exactly what they are supposed to do, they are very hard working and very diligent, the team was organized and professional.
  • Answered all my questions. Did what they said they would do. Pleasant crew to be around. Got along well with us and with each other.
  • Dora and Felix! They were fantastic! Dora kept me informed of their arrival to both the house I move from and the house I moved to. Felix is a very strong man! Peter and Michelle were also great. Peter came out to the house to look over what was packed before the movers arrived the next week. He gave me some helpful hints for packing. I postponed my move several months and Peter kept in touch via email which was nice since none of the competitors did the same. Michelle is a calming breath in the middle of the moving maelstrom. I really appreciated her kind words of assurance that all would go well. Thank you NorthAmerican Moving Services.

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North American Van Lines: The Best of Metairie Moving Companies

Checking out moving companies in Metairie? North American Van Lines is your moving company no matter where you are moving to within the nation. Our moving company agents provide unprecedented service and help you save time and effort while preparing to move, and they will hire dependable movers in Metairie who will treat your belongings with care to ensure that nothing is damaged while en route to your new home. Call North American Van Lines to speak with an experienced agent for a free consultation and moving quote.

What a Move to Metairie Has to Offer

Metairie is the largest city in Jefferson Parish, covering 23 square miles, and is bordered by New Orleans to the east. It rests on the southern shore of Lake Pontchartrain, which links to the Atlantic Ocean through the Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, the Mississippi River is 17 minutes south of the city. Located in the far southern United States, the climate in the city is hot and humid in the summer and fall-like in the dead of winter; summer temperatures average 95 degrees, and winter temperatures average around 55 degrees. The area can see heavy rains, with average yearly precipitation measuring 63 inches of rain and no snow.

Almost 135,000 people call Metairie home, and there are almost 40,000 households. A fourth of these have children, and almost half of all households are home to married couples. The average annual household income for the city is around $52,000.

Metairie is the site of the oldest road in the United States, Metairie Road, which has run over the Metairie Ridge since 1920. Old Metairie is the area along the Road and is the most opulent neighborhood in the city.

Today, the city hosts a family-oriented version of the New Orleans Mardi Gras season. The event takes place yearly from February 3rd to March 9th. The event is free and consists of parades, music and mask wielding revelers. The parades take place multiple times during the celebration, and sometimes, there are as many as 10 parades in one day. There are other music festivals and concerts throughout the year, with many showcasing local jazz and blues artists.

The North American Van Lines Difference

North American Van Lines moving company is among the preferred movers in Metairie, and we are licensed, bonded and registered with the Better Business Bureau. We will help you to plan and execute a well-organized move. Allow us to help you by providing you with hired movers who can help you pack, transport and, if necessary, temporarily store your excess goods. They will transport your belongings and, if needed, your car or boat as well. We can also supply you with shipping materials. Call North American Van Lines to assure you will have a successful move and receive a free consultation and quote!