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Making A Fresh Start With Your Move

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, a move can be an opportunityWelcome home sign to reset and get a fresh start. Here are some ways to make the most of that fresh start. Incorporating just one or two of these ideas into your new home can help get you established and improve your quality of life.

Curb Your Bad Habits. We all have our habits we aren’t so proud of, whether that’s putting off vacuuming, having a chaotic and disorganized house, or something else. Figure out what they are and come up with a plan to reduce those habits in your new home.

Improve Your Life: As you set up your new home, make space in it for things that will improve your life. Whether that’s setting up a home gym in the basement, or creating the sort of home that you want to invite people to, take the time to plan your new home to accomplish those goals.

Do Something You’ve Always Wanted to Do. If you’ve always wanted to take a pottery class, join a choir or learn to swim, find a venue that will provide it. Besides giving you a new hobby or skill, you’ll meet new people. If you’re in a new city, this will help you start building a life in your new home town.

Set Goals. Whether these are personal, financial or career-related, having a goal to work towards can provide structure and an endpoint. Take the time to develop them, work out any intermediary goals, and acquire any items that will make it easier to reach them.

Make a To-Do List for Your Home. If you bought an existing home, chances are there are things inside and out that you’d like to change. Most people aren’t able to do everything at once, so make a list of items large and small of what you’d like to accomplish. Prioritize them and create a timeline for when you’d like to complete them. This is especially useful if you’ve moved into a fixer upper that needs a lot of work.

Take the Time to Explore. Most people don’t take full advantage of everything their community offers. Whether you’ve moved across town or to a new city, explore it fully. Maybe you’ll find a new coffee shop or restaurant, or learn that your park district offers classes you didn’t know about.

Meet Your Neighbors. Introduce yourself and ask about what they do. You don’t have to be great friends, but you’ll want someone to look out for your home when you aren’t there and help out in case of an emergency.

Identify Something That Was Missing in Your Old Home and Incorporate it in Your New One. Maybe you love plants but didn’t have any prior to your move. Or maybe you couldn’t have pets but now you can. Whatever that missing item was, adding it to your new home can make your life richer and more complete.

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