What a Moving Quote Should Explain from your Movers

What does a moving quote actually consist of, and do you truly need one if you’re going to solicit the help of a full-service moving company?
If you’re in the market for a moving company, odds are you may have noticed the phrases “free moving estimate” and “moving quotes today” being thrown around. For those that don’t have much experience moving in the past, the specifics of a moving quote might seem confusing. What does a moving quote actually consist of, and do you truly need one if you’re going to solicit the help of a full-service moving company?


The Basics

A moving quote is essentially a summary of the services and goods being utilized by your choice of moving package. Moving is a unique industry, in which location and distance play a large role in your purchase, so a moving quote will come down largely to the distance and region of your move. Additionally, a moving quote will factor in the overall quantity of your furniture and possessions, as well as the inclusion of any extraneous services—loading and unloading, packing, furniture construction and deconstruction, and even the potential transport of your vehicles.

When attaining a moving quote, you’ll most likely need to fill out your basic information, as well as all of the pertinent info regarding your move—where you’re moving, what you’re moving, and when. A preliminary estimate of your costs and options will be provided shortly after sending off this initial paperwork.


Additional Supplies & Services

In addition to filling out the standard preliminary information required for your move, you’ll want to factor in which additional features or services may be required for you to move efficiently. Your quote request form should include the option to cite whether or not you’ll require these extra services, so taking the time to determine whether or not they’ll be needed by your move should be an early priority.

By including all aspects of your move in your initial moving quote, you’ll be able to kick off your planning with a very realistic estimate of what to expect in terms of budget and price—this can provide an invaluable way for you to strike the balance between cutting costs and still getting all the services you need, from needed packing supplies to fridge and couch hauling.


Date of Arrival and More

Price isn’t the only thing a moving quote consists of! Kicking off your moving preparations with a quality moving quote should also provide you with a date of availability from your full-service moving company, in addition to the time required for your moving fleet to successfully make their way to your destination, which will allow you to begin planning out the specifics of your move-in date, what will be needed for your road trip, etc.

There aren’t many moving scenarios where kicking off the process with a moving quote doesn’t make sense. In terms of both saving money and getting the exact move you need, planning ahead will most likely be your best approach.

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