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2022 Migration Map

2022 Migration Report

In 2022, Americans were on the move, but where to? Most found themselves leaving high cost of living areas in favor of warmer climates and more reasonable housing conditions.

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Moving to End Food Insecurity

We are committed to doing our part to combat hunger by partnering with Move for Hunger.

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Celebrating 90 Years

North American Van Lines is celebrating 90 years of moving you forward.

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2021 Migration Report

See which states lead the way for inbound and outbound moves in 2021.

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2020 Migration Map

2020 Migration Report

Whether you’re looking to move or not, it can help to know where Americans are moving. See where Americans moved in 2020.

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Why Americans Move

What percentage of Americans currently live in the town or city where they grew up?

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Seattle vs. Portland

Are you moving to Seattle or Portland? Check out these interesting facts.

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Nightmare Neighbors

Half of Americans currently have a dispute with a neighbor. See what causes these disagreements.

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Crazy Items Professionals Moved

From larger-than-life-sized statues and movie motor vehicles to the remains of the dearly departed and even an entire major police department’s evidence collection, our experienced agents have seen it all, and they moved it too!

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Winter Moving

Check out our Winter Moving infographic and see how an unappreciated season can benefit you.

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16 Tips for a Smooth Move

In this infographic, we’ll take a look at some of the most useful and effective methods for packing so that once the professionals from North American Van Lines arrive, you can relax and focus on meeting your belongings at their (and your) new home.

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