The Women Who Keep America Moving: Lashavia Lee

This final day of Women's History Month we are featuring another standout woman driver, Lashavia Lee of Ward North American. While truck driving continues to be a male-dominated industry, quality woman drivers like Lashavia continually deliver the highest quality moving experience to our valued customers.


While truck driving has been and continues to be a male-dominated profession, we know that here at northAmerican® we are uniquely privileged to be home to several standout women drivers. In honor of Women’s History Month this March, we are excited to share the stories of the exceptional female drivers who help us continually deliver excellent service to our valued clients. Today, we get to hear from Lashavia Lee of Ward North American.

1. What attracted you to the world of driving?

My grandfather drove trucks for over 40 years in the furniture industry and as a child, I was on the road often.

 2. What is your favorite part of the job?

I love meeting new people and having the opportunity to get paid to travel.

 3. What do you wish more people knew about women truck drivers?

 That we can still be feminine in a male-driven industry.

 4. Why do you think so few women still operate in this profession?

 Sometimes men find it hard to listen to female van operators which can make things difficult at times.

 5. Do you have a female hero, if so, who? And in what ways does she inspire you?

 My mother is my all-time hero. She raised four successful children by herself. I get my work ethic and kindness from her. When I feel down, all I do is call her and she always uplifts and inspires me. 

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