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Suburbs and Neighborhoods of Boise, ID

The Boise region provides access to a large metropolis and a vast natural setting ofBoise, ID capitol building mountains, desserts, rivers and lakes. There are several distinct neighborhoods and suburbs to choose from in the area. Get an introduction to a few of them below.


Ten miles west of Boise lies Meridian, Idaho’s third biggest city. Over the past two decades, it has been the fastest growing town in the state. The current population is 90,739 and the suburb is planning for continued growth over the next several years. The population surge has produced many buildings and structures including new homes, parks and schools. There’s a beautiful downtown, a high-end outdoor mall and access to all the nature Boise is famous for. The crime rate is low, and the town has a quaint charm. Residents here have a median household income of $63,225, the second highest in the state. The cost of living is 3.8% higher than the U.S. average, but job growth is continually on the rise and unemployment is lower than the national average. The median home price is $208,900.

Garden City

Garden City is a small suburb that sits just 1.3 miles west of Boise. The population is only 11,550 but the town has a lot to offer, including proximity to a large metropolis. In the town itself, the street Chinden boulevard is the center of activity. Garden City is nestled along the Boise river with large houses near the waterway. Smaller housing options are available as well. The median home price is $207,800 and the median household income is $38,212.


Eagle is suburb 10 miles northwest of Boise. It’s a family friendly community with an extremely low crime rate – the second lowest in the state in fact. The population has grown a lot over the last couple of decades and is currently 23,612. Eagle’s residents have the highest incomes in Idaho. The median household income is $82,264 and the median home price is $335,700. Despite this, affordable housing options are available. You may see a pro football player around town as Eagle has become home to notable NFL athletes.

North End

North End is a beautiful historic neighborhood in Boise. It’s filled with tons of green space including gardens, trees and parks sprawled across the area. Several North End homes have been protected by the Boise Historic Preservation District. Among these are historic mansions built in the early 20th century. Harrison Boulevard boasts many of these grandeur homes. This is a more high-end neighborhood with the median home value is $301,600.

Southeast Boise

Southeast Boise is a neighborhood between the University of Boise and the corporate headquarters of Micron Technology. The global tech company is the largest employer in the area and is known for producing memory chips. The subdivisions throughout Southeast Boise cater to various income levels and the median home listing price is $273,900. There are also several housing options to choose from. The crime is low and there is great access to the outdoors including the Boise River and the Greenbelt – a winding trail that connects Boise neighborhoods. 

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