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Popular Suburbs of Sioux Falls, SD

Discover all the small towns and suburbs surrounding one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, Sioux Falls, SD.

Although Sioux Falls isn’t a huge metropolitan center when compared to places like Downtown Sioux Falls, SDSeattle, Atlanta, or New York, it is the largest city in South Dakota. This means that it offers a much more urban setting than you might expect to find the Dakotas.

If you want to access great city features while still enjoying a slower-paced lifestyle and more rural setting, then you might want to look outside the area to these popular Sioux Falls suburbs.  

>  Brandon: Located just five miles east of Sioux Falls, this suburb is close at hand. Lots of big-name shops make life here easy, while a larger size (almost 10,000 residents) makes it a bustling, active place to live.

>  Tea: This quaintly named suburb is one of the most popular outside of Sioux Falls. It’s located just 11 miles southwest of the city center, a distance that can usually be covered in around twenty minutes. The small town feel and strong sense of community (complete with kid-friendly town pool) make this area popular among families.

>  Lennox: IF you want to get more house for your money, you may want to move to Lennox. Located less than half an hour from Sioux Falls, this city of just 2,000 residents offers small town living at its best. The setting is more rural than some of these other suburbs, but the trade off is that you can enjoy wide open spaces and lots of land to call your own.

>  Crooks: This town is located about 10 miles north of Sioux Falls. It offers a small collection of chain stores, new build housing, and a youthful feeling. It’s popular among families and those who want a sense of community in the place they call home.

>  Yankton: Yankton technically isn’t a suburb of Sioux Falls, located as it is 80 miles to the southwest. However, this town is worth a look if you want to live in the area without living in Sioux Falls. The schools are some of the highest-ranked in the state, and the location nearby a river means the scenery is worth a second look.

>  Vermillion: Another city that’s quite a drive (60 miles) but is worth it for many families is Vermillion. Rich with Native American history and home to the University of South Dakota, the setting here offers a unique blend of culture and education. Great city parks and other features add to the appeal, making it welcoming to all.

One of the greatest things about Sioux Falls is that there are dozens of small towns and suburbs that fall along these same lines. Places like Garretson, Hartford, Canton, Parker, Dell Rapids, and Flandreau all offer strong communities with parks, shops, and plenty of room for your whole family to grow.

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