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2022 Best Times to Move
A Guide To The Best Times to Move in 2022

You likely know that a well-planned household goods move usually produces a better moving experience, but did you know that the timing of the move can play a pivotal role, too? The fact is that there are certain times of the year that are overwhelmingly more popular for moving than others. By keeping in mind which days are most in-demand, you will be able to schedule your moves on days that have more availability of trucking capacity, moving providers, and other moving-relating services. In an effort to support you in your planning efforts, northAmerican Van Lines® has released its 2022 Best Times to Move Calendar that contains tips, helpful reminders, and color-coded days that classify dates as ideal, busy, and busiest. Regardless of how your employees are moving, whether via a lump sum or a full-service corporate relocation program, scheduling moves for less impacted dates can make a move go more smoothly.

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Guide to the Best Times to Move in 2023
Guide to the Best Times to Move in 2023

One of the most important parts of planning an employee relocation is scheduling the move. Whether your company offers a full service relocation benefit and a mobility professional does the scheduling, or you offer a lump sum or reimbursement benefit and the relocating employee schedules the move him or herself, picking the right time for the move can be the difference between a relatively smooth experience and one a bit more challenging, with more surprises. It can also potentially mean paying up to 30% more.

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state guide tennessee
State Guide: Tennessee

Rounding out our state guides for the year is Tennessee, home to Elvis, the Great Smoky Mountains and Nashville, home of country music. Over the past few years, migration to Tennessee - particularly to the Nashville area - has grown steadily due to career opportunities with Fortune 500 companies, a temperate climate, great recreation, and low cost of living. Millennials in particular are flocking to Tennessee for the great lifestyle it offers.

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state guide south carolina
State Guide: South Carolina

Southern jewel South Carolina is the focus of our fourth state guide. South Carolina features southern charm at its finest, as well as the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west, beautiful beaches to the east, rich history and culinary experiences in Charleston to the south, and quaint mountain towns to the north. Close proximity to Charlotte, NC, along with low taxes, excellent climate and year-round recreation is rapidly turning the northern portion of South Carolina as a top destination for those seeking career opportunities and a great lifestyle. And South Carolina is a golfers paradise, boasting numerous top-notch golf courses along its coast.

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state guide north carolina
State Guide: North Carolina

Third in our series of state guides is North Carolina. Home to the largest research park in the United States, an abundance of mountains and a breathtaking coastline, all within a short drive, North Carolina has steadily grown to a top location for industries trying to attract top talent. The state boasts three highly respected universities, a variety of industries and is the second largest banking city in the country, securing its position as a major financial services provider. Opportunity combined with a temperate year-round climate, charming yet bustling cities, and all the outdoor recreation anyone could want makes North Carolina a magnet for those seeking career opportunities and a great lifestyle.

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texas state guide pic 2
State Guide: Texas

Our second in a series of state guides covers Texas, one of the largest states in the country with a multitude of vibrant cities that offer beauty, a great lifestyle and a strong business foundation. Texas' abundance of industries, from oil and finance, to tourism and music, along with favorable cost of living and taxes, have made Texas an easy choice for companies looking for an area that attracts top talent and offers a favorable business climate.

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Florida cover 642 wide
State Guide: Florida

One of the biggest issues facing mobility managers and their relocating employees is easily accessing information about the area they are moving to. New northAmerican State Guides provide helpful information on the most popular inbound states - those states that are experiencing significant influxes of new residents - to make it easier for your employees to get settled and feel at home in their new locale. This first in a series of state guides covers Florida, a state that has grown consistently in population for several years.

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Items that Can't Be Moved
A Guide For What Can’t Be Moved

At northAmerican, we pride ourselves on getting your transferees and their belongings to where they are going safely and on time. As experts in household goods moving, we know that not all transferees may be well informed when it comes to what can and cannot be loaded onto a moving truck. There are a variety of items that professional moving companies cannot move either due to safety issues or laws that prohibit their transport. There are also other items that transferees are strongly encouraged to move themselves. That is why we have created this guide on what can’t be moved to share with your transferees in advance of their relocation.

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Essential Guide to Moving Pets
The Essential Guide to Moving Pets

Pets are an integral part of our families. They bring joy, companionship, protection, and liveliness to our homes. Like us, our animals are attached to where they live, which is why ensuring they are safe and comfortable during a move is so important. Moving is stressful on animals as they see their current environment change in preparation, see and hear unfamiliar people, endure transport, and must then get acquainted with their new home. This guide provides a detailed breakdown of the steps required to move most types of common pets.

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2020 U.S. Moving Trends and Analysis
2020 U.S. Moving Trends and Analysis

Annual moving trends offer individuals and corporate mobility decision makers valuable insight into the top places individuals want to live in the United States, and those places that are losing population. Our 2020 Migration Report not only provides information on the states and metro areas people are moving from and to, but also important analysis as to why such moves are occurring. This is particularly important for 2020 as the country faced significant challenges from COVID-19. As companies moved to remove working and retail establishments, restaurants, hotels and airlines saw dramatic drops in business, many wondered what impact the virus and and its domino effect on other industries would have on real estate and moving. Our "2020 U.S. Moving Trends and Analysis" guide provides you with an in-depth look at the moving industry during this turbulent time.

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home sale guide image 100119
The Ultimate Guide to Home Sale Programs

Home sale programs can be useful additions to your relocation policy in today’s competitive talent market. With several options available, choosing the right program for your relocation policy depends on your company’s needs and preferences. That is why we created The Ultimate Guide to Home Sale Programs. This guide details all the programs that are available to choose from including fixed-fee options. It explains how each home sale program functions and details their differences in terms of liability, tax-deductibility, risk mitigation, cost predictability, and other attributes that impact your decision-making process.

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Understanding the Costs and Fees of Household Goods Moves

Relocation and HR professionals know that household goods moving is one of the most expensive parts of employee relocations. However, the costs and fees that factor into the total price for a given move can be hard to understand. Industry-specific terms are often used by moving companies when they provide you with bids and invoices. This can make it difficult for those in charge of relocating employees to ensure they are getting the best price possible. We created this guide to provide you with the tools you need to compare moving bids and invoices line item for line item.

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Top 6 Ways to  Save on Your Relocation Program
Top 6 Ways to Save on Your Relocation Program

Relocation is crucial for firms looking to recruit, advance, and place talent where they are needed most. It can also be a source of complexity for many HR professionals faced with needing to optimize their human capital while also remaining mindful of how to spend their financial capital. Moving people and their things can get expensive and depending on the type of relocation program your company offers, there are several places you can look for potential savings. With budgeting season right around the corner, we have compiled a short guide on the top 6 ways you can save money on your relocation program. Follow it, and you could help your company’s 2020 be full of successful relocations that stay in budget while meeting your employees’ needs.

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Step by step guide to group moves 800 wide
Step by Step Guide for Planning a Group Move

"Group Moves", defined as when a company relocates 10 or more employees from the same area to the same destination, are a unique facet of employee relocation. Businesses may need to plan a group move for a variety of reasons such as mergers and acquisitions, consolidating facilities, moving offices, adding new territories, and creating new lines of products. However, since employee relocation even on an individual level is a crucial benefit component to employee retention and recruiting, seamlessly orchestrating the relocation of multiple employees so that the moving and relocation process goes smoothly and everyone hits the ground running at the new location is even more critical and complex. Our Group Moves guide explores the challenges of planning a group move and offers best practices for a successful execution for you and your relocating employees.

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5 Reasons to Use a Professional Moving  Company for International Relocations
Essential Guide to International Relocation

While international moves are integral in leveraging human capital and strengthening operations for global companies, successfully conducting complex relocations, such as those overseas, requires a relocation and moving partner with specific international moving expertise and experience. Therefore, selecting the right relocation and moving partner is key. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of what to look for in an international relocation provider, including what types of services should be available to your employees.

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Moving, Mobility & COVID-19
Moving, Mobility & COVID-19: A Message From northAmerican

Over the past few weeks, the world has experienced a circumstance the likes of which none of us has seen before. The Coronavirus pandemic is not only threatening the fabric of our daily lives, but more importantly, the health of every member of our global community. northAmerican® Van Lines is here to help, with valuable information about moving during these trying times and information on how the entire northAmerican organization is working to help keep employees, customers, suppliers and clients safe throughout the moving process.

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Virtual Surveys: Easy, Convenient & Social-Distancing Compliant Moving Home Survey Option
Virtual Surveys: Easy, Convenient & Social-Distancing Compliant Moving Home Survey Option

When an employee is being relocated, one of the first things that typically occurs is an in-home survey of the employee's belongings. Traditionally, these surveys are done by a moving consultant, in person, at the employees home. Now a new option - the virtual survey - is available that allows the employee to use their cell phone or tablet to create a "video" of their belongings, typically guided virtually by a moving consultant. In our current climate of social distancing due to the Coronavirus pandemic, such virtual tools are more important than ever and a critical option for relocating individuals that want to limit access to their home unless absolutely necessary. This guide provides valuable information on the virtual survey technology used by northAmerican and best practices for your employees on creating the most accurate and comprehensive survey possible.

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Is a Three Bid Procurement Strategy for Employee Relocations Wasting Time and Money?
Is a Three-Bid Procurement Strategy for Employee Relocations Wasting Time and Money?

Collecting three competitive bids is a logical strategy for purchasing capital equipment goods, like computers and machinery. Where is falls short is in purchasing of services like employee relocation and moving. Utilizing such a strategy in this situation risks overtaxing and adding undue stress to both corporate resources, like human resources and finance, as well as relocating employees. And while the goal of this practice is typically to save money, in the end most companies actually spend more than if they had implemented a corporate relocation contract. This guide offers insight into how three-bid programs, as well intentioned as they may be, can often result in increased pressure on corporate departments, stressed out relocating employees and higher costs and better program alternatives..

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Tips for Hiring a Reputable Mover

Moving is a complex process, and one that can be stressful. This is equally true for employee relocations, but especially when your company uses a Lump Sum or Reimbursement program as part of its relocation policy. The reason is simple: very few people have experienced moving a household from one state to another, or across country. This unfamiliarity makes them susceptible to what the industry refers to as "rogue movers", which are those that typically are not licensed, do not adhere to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, and/or that engage in unscrupulous practices. Such practices can include activities like requiring payment up front, providing a quote without completing a formal survey of all items to be moved, changing cost of move at delivery (ie, doubling or tripling the cost of the move over the quoted price at time of delivery), and potentially holding the customer's belongings "hostage" in order to get the additional payments. And since a lump sum benefit may actually unintentionally encourage an employee to go with the lowest cost so that they move for as little as possible and pocket the extra, employees receiving such a benefit are even more likely to fall prey to the dangerous practices of rogue movers. While providing your employees with access to company-approved full service movers is the best way to protect your employees, another equally important practice is to provide employees with education on what to look for when hiring a mover. Our "Tips for Hiring a Reputable Mover" guide provides a list of what a mover SHOULD do and red flags to look for in evaluating a mover.

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talent covid guide image website 831
Talent Recruitment and Relocation Amidst a Pandemic
How Companies Can Ensure Smooth Relocations for Employees in 2022

The true impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on how we work and live is still unknown. What we do know, however, is that the pandemic has already played a role in life decisions like moving and relocation. The forced popularity/adoption of work from home, combined with pandemic-related challenges, has resulted in many individuals moving to either be with or nearer to loved ones, or to escape more congested urban centers. Utilizing our 2020 moving data, this guide analyzes moving trends and what they tell mobility professionals about the needs and wants of top talent with respect to moving and relocation.

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Lump sum image for blog post 42919
The Ultimate Guide to Lump Sum Mobility Benefits

Lump Sum relocation benefits have risen in popularity over the past couple of years in part due to their simplicity and the potential savings they may offer companies with respect to less administration and increased cost predictability. But as the market for top talent at all levels continues to tighten, mobility benefits are increasingly being viewed by corporations as a possible differentiator. Are you certain your lump sum mobility benefit is competitive? This definitive guide provides an overview of the various ways companies are implementing lump sum programs and valuable data to help ensure your mobility program will help you keep - and attract - the top talent you seek.

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Guide to What Employees Really want in a Post-COVID Era
Guide to What Prospective Employees Really Want in a Post-COVID Era

A short time ago it looked like the COVID-19 Pandemic was coming to a close; it seems that's not the case. Despite a large portion of the population being vaccinated, new variants of the virus have appeared, resulting in more infections and a slight step back in our progression to a new "normal". During the pandemic, companies and their employees had to adapt to the reality of working at home, settling into the reality of the "remote workplace". Although many companies that had planned to reopen offices soon are now pausing in light of the Delta and other COVID variants. But not all employees are ready to head back to the office any time soon. During the pandemic, many employees, seeing an opportunity to live and work from wherever they wanted, are in little hurry to uproot again to expensive, crowded urban areas and long, exhausting commutes. This also holds true for individuals seeking new employment opportunities. Many are not ready to give up the flexibility and lifestyle they've enjoyed for the past year. For mobility professionals looking to recruit the question is: what does talent want from a work environment post COVID? This guide provides insight into what benefits and attributes new talent is seeking when evaluating joining a new employer.

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7 cost saving tips image 851
7 Cost-Saving Tips for Building Your Employee Relocation Program

The first question most mobility professionals have when meeting a mover about an employee relocation is "how much is this all going to cost?" If you're involved in employee relocations, you know that moving an employee is complex. There are many aspects to a professional relocation that movers must take into consideration before providing an estimate and understanding some of the aspects of the moving process can help you in ensuring that your company is receiving the best value for its moving dollar while providing your employees with the best possible moving experience. To help you in this process, northAmerican Van Lines® has compiled a list of the top 7 cost-savings tips every mobility professional should think about and take into consideration when planning employee relocations. These tips should result in more successful annual relocation planning as well as individual employee moves.

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How to Maximize Success When Purchasing Mobility & Relo Services
How to Maximize Success When Purchasing Mobility & Relocation Services

Individuals purchasing services, even B2B buyers, often making buying decisions surprisingly quickly. Given the complexity of many of the purchases they are making - relocation services, for example - many would find that surprising. Most would think those making these decisions would want to take more time, but the truth is research has found the feeling of pressure to buy dominates the process.

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relo 101 03132023 web 831
Relocation 101: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Relocation Policy

Employee relocation is complex. There are many moving parts and a lot of separate things that must happen in sync for a move and relocation to happen smoothly. Successful development and management of corporate relocation programs requires years of experience and training; it's not something that can be easily picked up. This poses a dilemma for professionals getting started in the industry or those in the industry with little or no relocation experience suddenly being asked to manage an employee relocation, or create a corporate relocation program or policy. How to begin? What's involved? What are the primary things that should be taken into consideration as part of the decision-making process?

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cross train 2 april2023 680-min
Relocation Programs Bring New Opportunities for Employee Cross Training and Career Advancement

Over the past few years, many companies have learned, some the hard way, how important employee satisfaction really is. Individuals resigning to continue working from home or for other reasons caught many organizations off guard. As a result many companies were faced with issues retaining and recruiting top talent -- and many of the things that had attracted talent in the past simply wasn't working.

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Guide to Winter Moves

While moving can be challenging, moving during winter months to a cold climate presents an entirely different level of complexity to a move. This helpful guide provides you and your relocating employees moving to an area that experiences snow, ice and sub-freezing temperatures during the winter with information and important tips that will ease the moving experience for everyone involved.

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2024 Best Times to Move Calendar
Guide to the Best Times to Move in 2024

Despite softness in some sectors, the labor market has remained strong, along with the struggle to recruit and retain top talent. Organizations, in their effort to provide a positive employee experience, continue to look for ways to enhance the overall experience for their employees. For those companies that relocate employees, reviewing and re-evaluating the organization's relocation policy from an employee experience is an important component of this process. A smooth, quality relocation experience provides a lasting impression with relocating employees. The Guide to the Best Times to Move in 2024 offers corporate relocation professionals a wealth of important information that can help them provide their relocating employees with the best possible relocation and moving experience.

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