Our Commitment to Service

quality of service

Whether it's our corporate relocation or customer service, North American Van Lines is the moving company you and your employees can rely upon. As your moving company of choice, we pride ourselves on our outstanding quality. We offer only the best quality for your corporate relocation needs. We will do everything in our power to guarantee that the service you and your employees receive for your corporate relocation exceeds all expectations.

A Corporate Relocation Company who Provides Results

At North American Van Lines, we are dedicated to our customers and are always working to further improve our already stellar service. Just to improve our front line quality practices, we have an independent third party perform a Quality of Service Audit (QSA) to measure North American Van Lines' customer satisfaction. The company conducts a telephone survey with our customers within 72 hours of their move.

The customer responses to the 14-question survey are tabulated daily and posted online for North American Van Lines agents. The results are then used by our agents to develop effective recognition, training and operational practices. We are constantly improving our operations and implementing new practices thanks to customer interaction.

Quality of Service Audit

North American Van Lines' goal is to achieve continuous improvement that results in an "excellent" rating for customers with our quality of service. We are constantly raising the bar for what we deem to be an "excellent" rating. In 1995, the goal was set at 4.25 on a 5.0 schedule; by 1998 the bar was raised to 4.35 and again in 2001 to 4.40.

Your Corporate Relocation Company Focused on Quality

North American Van Lines is committed to providing our customers with the best corporate relocation services, outstanding customer service and qualified professionals throughout the moving process. We are also focused on providing an overall quality moving experience. Our Quality of Service Audit measures our success in providing an outstanding corporate relocation each and every time. When it's time for your business's relocation or an employee transfer, North American Van Lines is the go-to source for superior service, no matter where you or your employees are moving.